I don't remember seeing this bag...

  1. I have not seen it before too..
  2. I believe this bag is called the Denim Quilted Linda...

    If I'm not mistaken, these bags only came in green, fuchsia, and black.

    I wouldn't bid on this bag... the trademark heat stamp font looks off.
  3. Sorry I have never seen it! But I think you should listen to John, he knows LV!

  4. I thought something was a little odd with that part. It looks like it is just printed on. Thanks John!
  5. ^^ AND smudged!!
  6. I've seen some of John's posts, he's the man!
  7. "It was purchased in Italy by a very wealthy family for over $6,000.00, and donated to our church after just one use
    Purse comes with linen bag, tags (although not attached), and original box"

    That comment above was kind of a red flag... giving a story so people will be interested in the bag... :shrugs:

    Also... how can the seller mis-spell Marc Jacobs in the auction title, but spell it right in the description?!!?!? :hysteric:
  8. yeah i saw that.. i was like.. right, cuz even wealthy families donate expensive handbags - that are useless to the church - to the church... lol....
  9. lol. As if the church was going to use the bag as a new collection plate. :roflmfao:
  10. Alright, not only am I NOT bidding on this, I'm going to report it! $1499.99 is alot of money!
  11. This is either a creative fake...or a very limited runway piece. Style.com has runway photos of similar bags from the same season:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I agree with John that the stamp looks off though...better to be safe than sorry!
  12. The stamp looks a lot off. I wouldn´t bid.
  13. OMG I noticed this too... :wtf:
    That story goes right along with "it was purchased from the estate of a very wealthy, fashion forward woman."
    Oh please.:rolleyes:
  14. I'm pretty sure that one is fake...it sure does look like the bags in the runway pics...but the heat stamp is a giveaway that it's a no-no!

    This style does exist though...I've only seen the fuschia one, it's so gorgeous, probably my fav denim bag!!