I don't really want to collect bags ...

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  1. Hi,

    I buy bags to use them so in a way I dont really want to have a lot of bags for the sake of collecting them.

    I found that if I keep on buying bags I would eventually have bags that I don't use much.

    Now my collection is as per below:
    LV Beverly Mono MM
    LV Galleria Mono MM
    LV Saleya MM Azur
    LV Roxbury Drive Pomme
    LV Tahitienne Pink
    LV MC Marrilyn
    LV Roses NF
    LV Suhali Le Confident Black
    LV Suhali Lock It Blue
    BV Large Veneta Orange
    BV Sloane Curry
    BV Ball Bag Baltic
    Tod's T Bag Patent Black
    Tod's Carey Media Dark Brown
    Tod's Kate Easy Media Caramel

    SO I really have accumulated 15 designer bag over well 3 years which is quite scary.

    I still want the LV Mahina L and another Suhali piece and maybe a Tod's D bag if I found one on BIG sale !

    What do you think about my 'collection' ? Is it balanced enough ?

    I am not really a dressy person or anything.

    I really don't want to have a lot more bags. I want to have bags that I loved and use often.

    Most of my bags still looks new as I always use my other 'cheaper' bags when going to 'unclean' places....

    I really want to use my bags more often !

    Thing is I love them all so I don't want to sell any of them !!!

    But at the same time I still want another bag and another bag ....sigh !

    I really dont need anymore !!!
  2. I agree with you. I really don't want more than about 5 or 6 'TDF' LV's. I have always felt that when you have a lot of bags, none get worn enough (unless you switch them out weekly/daily).

    I think you have a nice collection of diverse bags!
  3. I think you have a wonderful and varied collection (in color and styles)!! I also think it's ok to get more as long as you love them all, and perhaps later on sell one or two when you are ready :yes:
  4. I like to change my bag every week about, so I really don't NEED more than 5-7 bags...

    Now, WANT is an different factor :graucho:
  5. I understand how you feel. My collection is nowhere near yours but I don't want to eventually end up with a closet full a bags.
  6. I know :smile: I think I have now about six designer bags and I'm worried that I just use one or two and others are just making the shelfs look pretty. That's why I change bags daily.
  7. as long as you can afford them, there's no reason to sell if you don't want to part with them..
  8. I have been paring down my collection to things I either use often or things I just love too much to part with. In LV terms, that leaves me with the following:

    1. Speedy 30: this is my go-to bag for daily use. She is developing a nice patina, and she has been in the ocean with me (NOT underwater :wtf:) and all over the city.

    2. Sofia Coppola bag: this is a great bag for when you want to carry lots of stuff. I recently used this as my handbag for a trip, and was able to fit my stuff plus books and magazines for the plane ride with plenty of room to spare.

    3. Artsy MM: this one is on the way. I wanted a nice monogram shoulder bag that could double as a cross-body bag (with the addition of LV's long strap). It is simple chic, and with all the interior pockets it won't swallow all my stuff.

    4. Black Suhali Lockit PM: the perfect dress up bag. I wear this on more formal occasions and to interviews, etc.

    Do I want more bags? Of course! There are several I would love to have, but I am trying to keep my collection to what I really need. In the future I plan to add the Mon Monogram Speedy (because I love Speedies and it is fabulous), a small vernis tote for summer, and a Mahina L for when I want to carry something leather. Oh, and I also have my staple SLGs to keep me organized...the zippy wallet, a pochette cosmetique, and a four-key holder (vernis amarante -- the rest are mono). These go with me regardless of which bag I carry!
  9. I understand exactly what you are saying, my Coach collection became so big, I had bags I totally forgot about and when I started selling them, they looked brand new. LV is too expensive for me to do that, plus I don't want to. I too want to carry my LV. Now I still love and carry Coach, it gives me the variation of color when I need it. This is why I will probably never get vernis, mahina or epi bags because it will cancel some of the mono. (ok, maybe one from epi) I love the vernis and mahina but how could I carry it everyday and not my mono, I love the mono. For this reason, I am going to try and stop at 5 LV bags. Now I want several SLG pieces which can satisfy my craving for vernis and MC.
  10. I just downsized my collection. there is a great thread on purging your collection under handbags--IF you think you want to do that. It is great support. However if you do not want to I think you have a wonderful collection. I would love to see pics. You should to a bagshowcase. I purged my collection to under 10. I am super happy now, but it is rerally hard to not keep adding on. I have my eye on a few things.
  11. You can never have enough LV imo, I guess the more you have the more pristine they'll keep with rotation!
  12. I still feel a bit bad though with how little I actually use my current bags !

    My vernis is still new out of the box pale and everytime I took one of my bags out oftentime ppl will think I just bought it !

    I still haven't use my ball bag once !

    I would like to use my Suhalis more often but then I seem to gravitate to the monos or azur for daily use.
  13. I tend to use just one or two bags that I rotate and as a result I have been giving away my other bags (not LV). At first its fun to collect and but yeah it's hard to use them all. But you have quite a nice collection!:smile:
  14. I can relate. I also want more. Currently I try to rotate my bags and most of my bags are used pretty frequently. However, it is difficult not to want more so downsizing is a good option but it is tough even to downsize. :sad:
  15. I have the same problem. I like to really use my bags and if i don't use them i sell