I don't REALLY know what this means.........

  1. ...but I THINK I just placed a Special Order! But I'm not sure. :shrugs:

    So, here's what happened.....and believe me when I tell you it's a little surreal......

    I called the 800# to find out where in the world I could find a Quitte Ou because, of course, if Japster has one I have to have one, and the helpful guy on the other end says "Oh there's only one"....(natch because I want the only black leather with gold on the entire planet)....."and it's in Las Vegas". And I said to myself, "Oh great well I'll just give 'em a little call up there and see how dang helpful they can be" and rang them up.

    And this really, really nice guy answers like he's known me for years and we have a wonderful little chat about Quitte Ou's (which he did have) and cadenas and Karo clutches and Lavendar sachets and drawer liners and THEN I bring up the all too elusive Vert Feuillage. And he says, "Oh yes. That's a lovely color. We don't have anything in the store right now but....well.....why don't we just special order it for you!" :oh:


    So I ordered a 31cm Vert Feuillage Bolide with Palladium in Fjord.

    Now. There are a few questions I have.....

    What does this mean......exactly?

    Why did I order a Bolide and not a Birkin?

    Why did he offer to do a Special Order for someone he hardly knows (believe me when I say this) when I can't even get my regular SA to show me a bloody thing unless I whip out the kneepads?

  2. Because, Shopmom, your regular SA is a wanker and a non SA and you've been thinking for a while about a switch anyways.

    I think it takes a good SA like the one you just encountered to make one realise just how due that change is.
  3. I find this hard to believe. He doesn't know you and you are not there in person. Call back tomorrow and verify this with him.
  4. Oh, and congratulations on the SO. Did you get any idea at all about the timeline for delivery?
  5. PBC has sung the praises of her SA in LV, maybe this is he?

    And perhaps being in a town such as LV they are accustomed to such things, as people pass through there from california and elsewhere quite often and regularly???


    Cant wait to see how this turns out!
    Shopmom, I though you were not a green person.
    I am loving this turn of events!!!
  6. WOW! the color is FANTASTIC!!! I am going to be in love:drool:
    Shopmom, I think it is all about the right person, right timing, right vibe. I think that you are going to get this beauty. :yahoo:
    I walked into Boston with the right attitude and you know what I left with, I think it is the same kind of thing :nuts: :shrugs::yahoo:
  7. Shopmom, was this after he found out from the system how much stuff you have bought from Hermes or he had no idea?? I think I know who you spoke with, I know the staff there pretty well.
  8. :yahoo: Go S'mom! That is wonderful!!! When you click with an SA wonderful things like this can happen. :yes:
    I can't wait to see this color!!!
  9. I think it so much easier to put in SOs for any thing other than Birkins. There are a few extremely accomodating SAs at the LV store! So, congrats!!!
  10. Congrates! If that SA does his job to place your order, Bolide order can arrive REALLY fast (like in a few months....probably less than 6 months...like 4~5 months..). I hope he put your order through in next podium (or special order). I am excited for you!:wlae:

    ps. Just in case, you should double check with him later on your order to make sure ....SAs deal with millions of customers...So, you want to make sure he does not make a mistake on your order (or forget about your order by mistake as a worst case scenario, then it's good to remind him your order) since you don't know him as well as he doesn't know you..you know what I mean...?;)
  11. This is so exciting Shopmom! And since this SA sounds so wonderful, if you are having second thoughts about ordering a bolide over a birkin- call him back and ask to switch your order. But I must say, it sounds like a gorgeous bolide!!!!!
  12. ouch, how can you ask that?
    one answer - because bolides are terrific!!! (or tpf snuck one on your brain - actually blame GT because she's been dropping hints whereas i keep my lust on the bolide thread)

    question - what is a quitte ou?
  13. It almost sounds too good to be true. I would call back with the excuse of changing in favor of a birkin so that in the meanwhile you can check if it is true. And check the timeline for delivery while you're there maybe...

    By the way, I've never seen this feuillage green, do we have any pics? Where :confused1: ?
  14. I don't know, guys.....it seems a little too good to be true, don't you think? I mean.....maybe he says this to all the girls.......maybe he's just a "yes" man........I sort of went along like it's every day I get to place a special order. Who know's if he's really going to do it. Who know's if the manager is going to take that little slip of paper with him to Paris. And if it really all goes according to plan....who know's if I'll even LIKE the thing when it shows up!

    I mean have you ever heard of anything LIKE this????

    Hermes Princess I think we're talking about the same guy. Really nice, really helpful. Very sweet.

    But I've hit this before.....Jill in KOP is INCREDIBLY wonderfull. SO nice...emails pics and goes out of her way to be as helpful as possible.

    So, I don't know.....I won't count my chickens of course and maybe it was all hot air but it sure made me feel great about shopping at Hermes!!!!!

    Even if I never SEE Vert Feuillage in my entire life, I'll remember this phone call for a long time!
  15. HiHeels- quitte ou is a necklace. Go check out the necklace avandome bought Japster in the ROAK thread. It's fabulous!