I don't normally count calories, but these past two days...

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  1. I've consumed around 10,000 calories, I'm seriously not even exaggerating. I just started eating yesterday morning and just haven't been able to stop. And it's not healthy stuff either, mostly fattening sugary dessert type foods as well as pasta. I feel disgusting right now! I seriously have looked like 6 months pregnant for the past two days and am having back pain from it, not to mention just feeling like crap and being unable to really move. :sick:

    I have no idea what triggered the binging. I mean I've always had a tendency to overeat, but it just feels like I have compulsive overeating disorder right now!! Maybe I do! But it's not like I have emotional problems and I'm not at all overweight (I read some of the symptoms). Ugh... At this rate I'm going to be obese! Anyone else have problems with eating too much for no reason?
  2. Actually, yea i have..and still do..I know that pregnant feeling you are talking about..don't worry it will go away..and believe me, it isnt as bad as it may feel..i wish i knew that then..I don't know what triggered it for me..but it seemd so all of a sudden and it has been on and off
    actually..i thought i was the only one that something like that happened to...thank you for posting that jeanna...tell me how things go..but just do not beat yourself over it..figure out what tjhe guess was..stress? lonely? mad? frustrated?..etc. write it down..and let me know if you dont mind:smile:
  3. Sorry to hear that! *hugs*

    I find that it's the salt specifically that makes me "puff up." No other food, not even carbs, does it faster than salt. I try my best to avoid salt and eat lots of fiber-rich foods, which fills me up without making me bloated or more likely to eat junk food. Try a huge bowl of oatmeal (plain) with a sliced banana or lots of blueberries. A large healthy treat that'll keep you full for hours and tastes great. :smile:

    *hugs* you'll be fine. :smile: We're here for you!
  4. I think you need to just take into consideration that all people have off days. I have them all the time and I have done the EXACT same thing and eaten the exact same number of calories if not more! Just realize that tomorrow is another day and you can start over. Sometimes I feel like bodies just crave food for whatever reason and it does not really mean anything is wrong with you.

    Food can be comforting to some of us... but just shake it off and realzie that you wake up tomorrow and can break that habit! Let us know if you need any kind of support!!
  5. Heck, I start munching on animal cracker at 9 AM and won't stop until 11 AM. The bag will be almost empty and I will be going crazy thinking what I've just done.
  6. i binge sometimes too...it won't kill you, just cut back for the next few days and drink tons of water. black coffee, black tea, and diet soda will flush you out (carb/salt overload is making you retain water). it'll be ok.
  7. megs thank you for saying that...its honestly good to know that i'm not the only one..and i am sure jeanna will think that too..so thanks!
  8. Food can be an immense source of comfort, has something been bothering you lately- or have you felt particularly stressed out? Everyone reacts to different things in different ways. I wouldn't be too quick to diagnose yourself with Binge Eating Disorder ( which is, I believe the third most common eating disorder). You may just have too much going on, and food is soothing for you. If it persists than I would look into the possibility of an ED, but for now- cut yourself some slack. I'm sure every girl has had days where they eat more than they'd like and that's perrrrfectly fine.:heart: I hope everything goes well for you, and for serious don't worry about it. :smile:
  9. Thank you everyone for replying! It makes me feel better about myself! I think I just felt terrible about having eaten so much these past two days because I've recently eaten only healthy food. I guess I just got sick of being healthy and craved a lot of junk!

    I had recently dropped about 15lbs in a really short amount of time by cutting out junk food, which is where the majority used to come from. I have a great metabolism, so just by cutting out junk food for a few weeks I dropped a lot. I even tried gaining some weight back by eating a ton of nuts, but it didn't really help. So I started indulging in sweet desserts again and then couldn't stop! Also, it wasmidterms this week, so I was stressed. And I've been a little sick the past week so I haven't worked out at all the whole week whereas usually I'm very active.

    I think lack of activity and lack of sleep was what did it. Thank you for making me really think about this! I still think I have a major problem though, because I seem to do this overeating then not eating as much a lot. My mom says I've always been like this; even when I was little, some days I'd eat until I'm just about to burst, while other days I'd barely eat anything. I've heard that inconsistent eating habits and overeating are eating disorders. I wonder if I should seek some sort of counseling? Who do I go for that, a nutritionist?
  10. If I were you, I'd concentrate less on gaining/losing weight and more on creating a balanced diet for yourself. A nutritionist could be quite helpful if you need assistance in meal planning- and once again I would be careful to not over-analyze your eating habits- Almost every college student I know has terribly inconsistancies in eating. Sometimes you forget to eat untill 10 at night, sometimes you have ice cream for dinner. :-P

    Still, if you feel your eating patterns are harmful or potentially emotionally distressing, there is NO shame in talking to a professional about it. Sometimes it helps to have a perfectly objective person listen to even the smallest troubles in life. :smile: Sorry if I'm rambeling, I gotta do something since I can't ever sleep anymore. lol.

    PS. going cold turkey on something you enjoy is a surefire way to relapse dramatically into it. I'd start off small, by eating healthier, but allowing yourself a few little indulgances here or there- and eat them reallly slow, enjoying them and not rushing through them. :smile:
  11. Sorry to hear, but you'll bounce back :biggrin: Just eat in moderation. I've been trying to lose weight for the past year and have just made minor changes to produce a lasting result.
  12. Having spent years working through an ED, I think the most important thing is to a) give yourself permission to eat whatever you're craving (not a substitute...no fat-free yogurt when you really want ice cream) and b) don't beat up on yourself if you feel you've eaten too much. So much of the dynamic of an ED are the incredible feelings of guilt and shame that can serve to distract us from other feelings, and when you tell yourself "it's OK", it helps to take the "charge" off the eating and undermines the guilt dynamic (which only leads to more eating). If anyone's interested, check out Geneen Roth's books or "Intuitive Eating" by Evelyn Tribole.