I don't need another bag, but I can't help it :-(

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  1. I have been telling this to myself that I do not need another bag, but this one has to be my favourite!

    Had my dream holiday to NYC two weeks ago and after saving up properly (even if I made one damage with a WOC in the same colour in November 2008), I managed to save up for NYC with my darling BF. And I did not intend to buy another bag as the price increase was just too insane for me. However, BF and I happened to be walking past Chanel down on Madison Ave and he said "Hey, why not pop by in Chanel NY since you have been to other Chanel around the world". So after hesitating for a few seconds, we decided to pop in, especially since it was starting to snow.

    The sale assistants were so nice. They told us we could "play" around and if we need anything, just let them know, especially since we were the only customers in there.

    Well, enough said... end up buying a colour that I have admired for awhile, and can you believe it, I love my new bag!! Now I want to let go the others that I do not use. Hehehhe.

    Enjoy the pix. I wore it first when we head down to Washington. ;)




  2. Congratulations, Lalique! Chanel is irresistible.:heart:

  3. we just can't say no to chanel.. haha. congrats! enjoy the bag.
  4. congrats!beautiful and enjoy it!
  5. Congratulations! Is it the light beige?
  6. Simply Stunning!!! :drool: Congrats. What a beautiful colour. I am normally a LV girl but Chanel is pulling me in with all these wonderful bags and colours. :graucho:
  7. Yes it is the new light beige in medium caviar with gold hardware. Love it!
  8. Congratulations on such a beauty Lalique! I can't wait to get one myself
  9. Congrats! It looks fabulous on you!
  10. Congrats!
  11. Congrats!! I have this bag too in the same size and everything--I love it!!! The mix of light beige and gold hardware is so classy!! Enjoy!
  12. Tahniah...Gorgeous bag!! Love the colour.
  13. congratulations! :wlae:
  14. It looks fabulous! :heart:
    Congratulatioooons! :smile:
  15. wow ! Cantik sekali congratzz :okay: