I dont LVoe my neo fuschia~ what do you do when you are not in love?

  1. OK, so i love all my other pieces but I have a pang about my neo fuschia speedy. I just havent bonded with it!:confused1:
    I think the only reason I like it is because you cant get them in Europe, so im thinking no you have to keep it.

    But I find myself never using it. Ive probably carried it 5x since March!
    What do you do when you dont love one of your bags?
    I just dont know what to do!?:sad:And im sad because i loved it when I got it but now i dont!?

    Thanks everyone! xx
  2. I have had this happen on numerous occasions unfortuantely...So the bags that I have fallen out of love with go to new homes...hopefully to make someone else happy:p
  3. aww sorry to hear! but i really think it's normal to feel that way at some point especially when you don't get to use it. the neo speedy may not be as versatile as other speedies (in terms of being a day-to-night kind of bag) but it's certainly one of the prettiest out there! and since it's summer over there, it's the perfect time to use her more! give it some time, and hopefully sparks will fly back between you two :p
  4. Dont feel bad! Like you have havent used my blue speedy neo much either. I've had it since shortly after they came out, wait listed and everything (Got it dec 05) and I may have used it 10 times so far.

    Otherwise it hide in its sleeping bag under a bunch of blankets so that it doesnt tan :sad:
  5. My first thought would be to sell her. BUT, I always chicken out because I worry that I may change my mind down the road. Seller's regret is a huge fear of mine. Since you aren't able to get them buy you I would say keep it and see if maybe down the road you will use it.

    However, if you have another bag in mind that you know you will get more use out of then I would recommend selling her for the funds.
  6. when you don't love, get another bag instead. :yes:
  7. Yeh im scared of wanting her back once ive sold her, its weird I just dont understand how i can love a bag soo much but then feel nothing now!
    Im glad im not the only one who has been in this situation!
    Its like im scared to take her out incase i spill something on her!
    i just dont know what to do!
  8. I get that way a LOT. I think it's almost the desire that gets me for things but once I have them I think eh... That's when it tells me it's time to sell and move on!
  9. I know exactly how you feel Luva....loved bags when I first bought them...never used them! So I sold them....and no regrets yet!
  10. If you are 100% sure that you don't love then sell it. Try hididng it first for a few weeks and see what happens. I f you stull don't love it, then sell it and move on.
  11. Sell and get something you really love? Or sell to a family member(or give as gift to a family member)...that way you can still see it and borrow it at times,but someone is putting it to good use.
  12. Hm Maybe you should just sell it... or like give it to a friend to look after for a week or so and see if you miss it or even try a family member as said above :smile:. But i think you should sell it , it's a very pretty bag but there are tons of pretty bags coming out very soon and will most likely love more! Like the Amarante or the Mirage..Lvoe 2 totes! Good luck hun :yes: x
  13. oh no! why do think it's not working for? size? colour? you need to 200% certain on this it was hard for you to get it & you may not get the chance again. their not as fragile as you think I was my fuschia baggy all the time & still looks great
  14. I dont know Claire, im thinking its just not me. It annoys me that I cant do the zip up without having to hold my bag on my knee and using two hands to do it up. The sag was bothering me so i put in a hard bottom and i like the look better now, i think it looks great in the mirror and just in general i love the look of it, its just when im using it i get annoyed!
    Do you think maybe if i concentrate on using my neo instead of my damier i would get used to it?
    Maybe it annoys me because i dont use it alot so when i do use it im just not used to it?
    I know Claire, it was such a hassle of getting it, i think thats why ive posted becasue im upset about it you know?
  15. I think all speedy zips are annoying I just leave mine open unless I'm somewhere really busy, maybe it is just a case of getting used to it at least it's summer so i'll have good opportunities to use it before you decide