i don't love my new azur speedy.

  1. does anyone own both the regular damier canvas speedy AND a azur speedy too?

    do u see any difference in them?

    i totally LOVE my original damier canvas one, but im not sure if the azur is getting to me like the old one is.

    anyone notice any leather difference such as thinner leather tabs maybe?
  2. I say return it and get something else. LV is too expensive to not love. Good Luck!!
  3. I sold my azur stuff. It was cute when I first got it, but then I decided I was over the whole azur thing... I think the leather tab seems thinner to you because the regualr damier is treated!
  4. i'm an azurholic, i think...(but, then again, i don't own any other lv bag. just the speedy a slew of accessories)

    but i admit that it's making me sad that the handles are getting so dark so quickly...
  5. i have a speedy 30 in azur and use it sometimes. i do like it a lot, but i wouldn't use it every day. i still prefer the damier ebene overall! the difference for me is that the ebene is more versatile and the azur is more delicate.
  6. I have both of them in the speedy 30. I still really love my azur. I think the azur is just plain beautiful. If you don't love yours, you should def. exchange or sell it. There are lots of people who would love to have it!
  7. I have both, and definitely perfer my Damier. The Azur is really pretty, but not too practical (especially with 4 kids). I definitely think you should return it and get something you love.
  8. If you don't love it you should return it and get something you're totally in love with.
  9. Awwwww...
    Was sad to read the title of your post !!
    You should LVOE what you carry, and sorry to hear you don't love the Azur... :sad:

    If it's not too late, perhaps you can exchange it for something you simply cannot live without!
    Good luck !!
  10. I have both damier and azur speedies. I love them both. :love:

    Azur Speedy's leather tab does seem thinner than the one of damier speedy. However, it doesn't bother me. They are not supposed to be identical as the leathers are different. While damier speedy is classy and elegant when carried, azur speedy is super cute and fresh. I'd say keep it!
  11. i think azur is hot, but i do not know about the quality differential of the speedys.
    I agree, return it if it is not going to work for you.
  12. I actually really love the Azur and considered getting a Speedy recently. I probably will get one eventually but anyway, if you're not happy with yours, do get something you like instead. Don't let it sit in your closet unloved!
  13. Agree with other posters if you don't love it then change it get something you will love. I personally love the azur.
  14. I have a purse in the regular Damier but I have been paying attention alot to the Azur lately. I was at the mall today and I saw several people carrying them. I think they are very classy looking. They have a nice light fresh look to them. That being said i agree with all those above. If you don't absolutely love it then you should return it. An LV is meant to be cherished and for the money we pay no one should settle.
  15. If you're in doubt - return it!