I don't like the skinny jeans...

  1. :sad:

    Is there something wrong with me? I don't want to let go of the boot cut jeans.:crybaby: Am I the only one?:shame: :lol:
  2. I'm the same.

    Well ... I'm going to try out some skinny jeans ... but I'm not optimistic!
  3. i'm a huge fan of the skinny jeans. i :heart: them, but you arent alone, hun, LOTS of my friends HATE them. :shrugs: :love:
  4. You're not the only one. Somethings are better off staying in the eighties. My biggest annoyances is "curvier" women trying to pull off the skinny jean look in which they end up just looking like a sausage.
  5. eww i totally agree with the sausage comment, alice!
  6. My eyes are still trying to adjust to the silhouette! I'm definitely not 100% converting - the boot cuts will peacefully coexist with a couple skinnys in my closet.
  7. The skinny jeans look nice...on everyone but me!! I'm sticking with my bootcut ones...I'm tempted to see how I look with the skinny jeans in boots, but I'm not optimistic!
  8. Not at all, Buttery. Been there, done that, buried them, wish they'd stayed buried!! And there will be NONE in my closet!!

    I'm old enough now that I'm seeing fads come around for the third and fourth times. These THANGS? Blech!:throwup:
  9. I totally agree. I love the way bootcut jeans look on me, I'm afraid to try on the skinny jeans. I have a hard enough time finding jeans that'll fit. I have a very curvy butt, and a tiny waist. So any jeans that fit my waist, won't make it over my hips, and any jeans that fit my hips don't fit in the waist.
  10. LOL...I was watching a news broadcast and they were telling everyone what exercises you need to do to fit into these. I say no way! I along with most say I don't have they body type no matter what I do!
  11. Nothing but boot cut for me.
  12. Thank you ladies. I thought it was just me. I like a really slim fit bootcut, so I'll meet them 75% of the way. :lol:
  13. Nay to skinny jeans for me too. I would end up falling into sausage territory !
  14. no to skinny jeans! also been there, done that. but i can see how they might appeal to those who weren't old enough/alive in the 80s to wear them.
  15. I tried on the paige skinny jeans today. While I thought that they LOOKED ok -- definitely make your calves look teeny! -- they were not comfortable. They were just so tight all over!

    I've purchased some new "straight" and "cigarette" leg jeans for fall and they are comfy and look cute. They don't give the total skinny look though.

    I'll probably buy ONE pair of really skinny jeans -- the rest of the time I'm sticking with my bootcuts and straightlegs.

    Long live the bootcut!!:yahoo: