i dont like scratch marks

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  1. i just got a new dooney signature anniversary small double handle tote from my BF and have already gotten a few scratches on the trim. sad town! :tdown: maybe im going to have to face reality here one day and realize that my baby will get some scratches on it but until then is there anyway to camoflague scratch marks on the leather trim? and are there any extra tips on how to take care of the purse in general. i dont want to put anything on it thats going to ruin its appearance. thanks a bunch!
    :girlsigh:a girl can never have too many purses...or shoes!
  2. I can't see the picture so I don't know what they look like.

    Leather conditioner is good - you might be able to rub some of them ot or at least make them not so noticeable
  3. Is there a picture? I dunno what you're talking about?

    Leather naturally has scratches on it, since it is a natural product. Nothing will really protect it from scratches, you just have to be careful with it.
  4. Is that alto trim? It's supposed to scratch. Try buffing it with a flannel cloth - do not use any conditioner or moisturizer on alto leather.
  5. I have the DB All Weather Leather Dome Satchel, when I had questions about the bag and how to protect it I just emailed them, they have a contact link on their website. They were really quick with their replies too.