I don't like Plum Suhali and I'm shocked!

  1. And very disappointed and a lot poorer!

    After all the talk here about the plum le Fab and about plum being the best Suhali color, I decided to take the plunge and buy my most expensive bag ever -- a second-hand Suhali l'Affriolant, in plum of course. I had never seen one in person, but I knew I would love it b/c i love bright colors, esp. jewel-tones, and i love brightly- and unusually-colored bags.

    So, since my sense of what is "too expensive" for a bag has SKYROCKETED since I discovered this forum(!!!):P , I bought this bag. Well, it arrived today, and I was distressed to find that I don't like the color! It's just too purple for me, a guess. In photos I had thought it alternatively looked either more magenta, or a deeper plum-ish shade, and either of those would have been fine, but this shade just doesn't do it for me. Plus, I think there might be too much "bling" on this bag for me. Even those this is probably the Suhali with the fewest gold accents, I think it's too much for me.

    Oh well. I am pretty bummed. Now I have a VERY expensive mistake on my hands. E-Bay, here I come!! :yucky:

    Thanks for letting me vent. :shame:
  2. AW!:sad: So sorry to hear that. I have yet to see Plum Suhali in person but only heard good things about the color. I hope you get the bag you really love instead.:flowers: Good luck!:yes:
  3. So sorry! I would LOVE too see pics of this bag. I've never seen a plum suhali before. Hope everything goes well with selling it.
  4. I love this color, trust me, you have to carry it a few times and you will see that this bag is turn head. If you don't want to be too bling bling just adopt a casual look and you will look FAB with it, or it will be really FAB with you !
  5. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that you don't like your new bag's color. I have made some expensive mistakes of my own in the past. I find that trying to correct the mistake as soon as possible makes it easier to forget that you ever made it to begin with!! Get to Ebay ASAP!! :smile:
  6. OH...I am sorry that you don't like it..I LOVE plum color in suhali but I must say I don't really like Suhali l'Affriolant style. IMO the style is Blah for suhali. I hope you will get your bag a new home..good luck
  7. Nikki213, here are some pics of the bag. the color doesn't come out too well in most of them, but they give you a sense of the style. It is a gorgeous bag, just not for me, I don't think. :smile:
  8. Well poo, that is too bad! I am sorry...I have made my share of $$$ mistakes. Thank goodness there is ebay! If you chose to sell it, get something that you absolutely LOVE!
  9. I am sorry you are not loving the plum color. I'm sure you will be able to find her a good home.
  10. Oh no, I am sorry it didn't work for you! But for what its worth, the bag looks gorgeous on you :tender:
  11. Oh, sorry to hear that you don't like it- if I were you I'd try to selll it in the MP first, where it's a guarantee that it'll go to a good home. If you don't already belong, PM Vlad and explain your situation and I'm sure you'll get in. Good luck!
  12. Aww.. I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out. Some bags just weren't meant to be - I do hope that you find a suhali bag that you'll fall in toe squeezing love with ! ;)

    I've found that my tolerance for expensive bags has REALLY gone up since joining tPF as well.. hehe (very bad !!).

    Since you have taken several pictures of the bag on you - could you possibly add them to the visual aids thread for reference ? I don't think very many members have this bag and it would be great to show how it looks ! :smile:
  13. That bag is gorgeous, and you look great with it. Maybe give it a few days, you could change your mind :smile: If not, you can always sell it on Ebay or in the MP. Hope you get the bag of your dreams :flowers:
  14. I know how you feel. I recently received my mandarin Epi Petit Noe and thought it was for me. But after wearing it I knew it wasn't. It was such a cute bag, but not for me. I returned her this Monday. So now I'm on the prowl for a new bag.
  15. I agree with the comments about the style of the bag:yes: I love my plum le tal it:heart: But if you don't adore it then I also suggest selling it.