i don't like my trim

  1. . . . and i don't like my handbag, either. :roflmfao:

    but seriously, folks, having read its many virtues i decided to try a trim bag, and found a lovely one with the gusset in chamonix/toile. i've been trying to love it -- really, i have! but i don't like the way it feels on my shoulder, i don't like having to dig though it, i don't like the way it feels under my arm and i don't like the way it looks on me. :crybaby:

    i've used it about four or five times, and i'm just not feeling the love. should i give it more time, do you think? or is that enough of a trial to call it quits?
  2. It sounds like you've maybe already decided. I'm a big supporter of returning things (or selling) I'm not going to use so I can buy things I'll get some use out of. But my only question about the trim is -- did you buy it to fill some void in your collection? Because if you did then you may come to a point where you want to use it. But if you're not feeling it, I'd say call it quits.
  3. Go with your heart - if you don't love it, I say there's plenty more poisson in the sea. I see you as more of a Massai gal, anyway.

    Having said all that, I am currently attempting to force myself to love the VFT......
  4. Pah-dum-dum. *rimshot*

    Very funny! Well, with me it is usually a fall in love at first sight sort of thing. Wish I could say the same about men.
  5. Thanks for posting this! I have been considering getting a Trim myself and it's good to see the negatives as well as the positives. I reckon you need to sell the bag or return it, just based on your comments. It doesn't sound like you will ever like the bag.

    PS: I love your Lipizzaner animated signature, DQ!
  6. Now that VFT I have no love for. I guess not edgy enough for me.
  7. Oh dear! DQ, I am afraid if you dont love it by the 5th time out, it may not be a love connection. Its hard to let go, but alas, sometimes we must.....

    Now go hug your whitebus!!!
  8. yeah, I feel like a dog with a ball in it's mouth "drop it!" "drop it!", but I can't let it go.

    DQ - what size Trim? I have a feeling a 31cm would be way too small for you.
  9. DQ - it appears to me that you already made up your mind hun. Give it up.
  10. i agree, go with your heart :heart:...life is too short to carry a bag more than 5 times if you do not love it.
  11. i agree that i see you as more of a massai girl. if you don't love it- set it free.
  12. 31cm?????? For YOU??????? The woman who loves big bags????????? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?????? DUMP IT, E!!!!! That's my advice.....you need a FAB Massai, baby. Sell the Trim - buy the Massai!!!!!!
  13. DQ's Trim:

  14. well, yes - i'm definitely not liking it, but i'm afraid i havn't given it enough of a chance. i love how it looks when i see action shots of it, and have heard so many describe its charms -- i sort of figure i must be missing something about it. but i feel like i look fat, old and dumpy with it.

    abbyroad, i got it because i don't really have a shoulder bag -- well, i do have the sac a sellier and my kelly bags, but i don't have a classic shoulder bag.

    GF, it's a bit more than 3 hands wide. :p (i can't find a tapemeasure, so i used a height/weight tape.) OK, so 12+ inches -- that sounds like a 32cm. the capacity is OK, though -- since it's for weekend running around and doesn't need to hold as much as what i usually carry.

    interestingly, i've tried the masai - and i LOVE the shape, but the PM didn't work for me. come to think of it, i've tried the vespa, too, and didn't like that design either.

    maybe i just don't like shoulder bags? :confused1: but i like the way they look when i see other people with them. ???
  15. ('round here, 'trim' means something a little farther south . . . .)