I don't like my new large lambskin classic flap


Sep 17, 2007
Pacific Coast Heaven
I just bought and recieve through mail my large lambskin classic flap today from Saks Santa Barbara. I was so excited at first but once I open the box, I was sooo disappointed. There are so many fingernails' scratches inside the bag. I called the SA Cherry who assisted me. She reassured that the bag had never been touch by anybody except a person who wrapped the box. And if I want to exchange it, I have to pay shipping fee (again?) but she won't guarantee if I will be satisfy with the new one. The closest Saks to my place in BH doesn't have in their inventory either. Help!!! I need your suggestion.:hysteric:


Feb 2, 2006
With her lack of customer service - I'd speak to a manager, have Saks pick up the bag at their expense and find another SA
Mar 7, 2006
the big apple
For the prices we pay for Chanel bags, if you're not absolutely in love with it, return it at once and get an exchange. Don't get pressured by SA's who say defects/stains/scratches are "normal" on a brand new bag straight from the store...you deserve to get a perfect product exactly as you wanted if you pay retail at a store. I can't stand SAs who think that if a customer have thousands to drop on a handbag, she probably doesn't or shouldn't care if there's a scratch or stain. I've bumped into one or two SAs like that unfortunately, but the SA's I buy from regularly and remain loyal to are the sweetest, most meticulous SA's who understand my obsession with perfection and go to great lengths for customer satisfaction.


Jan 1, 2007
I would have the Saks by you transfer in the new bag so you can see it. If they can mail it to you they can tranfer to your store...... I am sure they are used to demanding customers, which you don't have to be, just be nice. It goes along way!


Oct 8, 2007
I don't like the saks in SB although I live here. I tried to purchase bags from them and quite often they said the original box chanel was lost!(how could that be possible?) You can always order it from other saks you know?(the one in florida you don't even need to pay tax!!!) So here's my suggestion, don't buy things from there again! I would go to the saks in SB to try on bags but order from other store!! You could probably ask for refund this time so you don't need to negotiate with them anymore.


Jun 1, 2007
Wow that sounds awful! I would return if it I wasn't completely happy with it. Are there any other department stores or Chanel boutiques nearby other than Saks?


Oct 27, 2006
that's ridiculous ! SAs should be accommodating the basic customer's needs and satisfaction! I would return the bag, and get it in other places. Plus if you do a locator search (since the nearby store doesn't have it in inventory) via any Saks store, i believe you don't have to pay the shipping fees.


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Aug 25, 2007
Sorry to hear that the SA was only interested in making the sale...It really would be nice...if she made sure that you were happy with your purchase....Return the bag....She doesn't deserve to get credit for the sale.... These horrible SAs need to realize that customer service is very important...Not just selling the bag!!! I hope the next bag you get ...you will totally love it....


Sep 17, 2007
Pacific Coast Heaven
Thank you all for your suggestion. I'll return it today and probably buy another one from Saks eleswhere (outside of CA). That way I can use 10% discount I have and I don't need to pay sales tax for it. Any Saks and SA would you recommend?


Apr 18, 2006
Suburbs of LA
return the bag to your local saks in BH and have another one transferred to you from another store. the customer service you received is atrocious!


:: Pantie & Pidtu ::
Sep 19, 2006
:: The sun always shines ::
Strange!:s...Cherry is my SA too and she is so helpful & responsible.


I've experienced that problem before. My jumbo lambskin had finger nail scratches at the under flap when I got it, I was so panic and frustrated (at that time). I called the store, and got the answer that no one ever touched it, however, they're OK if I would like to exchange to another color (since there's only 1 left in Navy at that time).

I decided to apply leather conditioner because I thought the finger nail scratches will be happened once I start to use it anyway, and if the conditioner couldn't help remove them, I will definitely go to caviar route.

After applying it, all scratches were gone. I was super happy because I knew how to solve (finger nail) scratches problem if it's happened again.