I don't like my Kelly.....

  1. Keeping this short, as I'm a bit sad......

    Just saw the Vert Anis Kelly.....

    Souple, Togo, pall h/w, 32cm......normal stitching.

    I wanted:

    Rigide, Chevre, pall h/w, 28cm....brown stitching.

    If you gals can keep an eye out for me for this combo, I'd really appreciate it.....I thoght I would come home with a new bag, but I came home with nothing...not one thing!

    I'm picking up my Garden Party Rouge Imperiale on the weekend, though.........

  2. I feel extra bad knocking it back, too.......UGH!
  3. The Chevre will be gorgeous! Hang in there!
  4. grand fonds, you gotta get the bag that you want! (I know you must be disappinted....)
  5. That is so frustrating...I know, but stay cool.
  6. Hi grand fonds

    Don't be sad, quite sure she is waiting for you and that you will get it some day soon.
  7. I see occasionally that combo, I saw several in Paris in spring (different sizes)... maybe the mothership would ship to your city?
  8. gf, I'm GLAD you declined it because it is NOT what you're looking for ... I mean, there're quite a bit of difference between what you want and what they have. For me, a souple cannot take place of a rigide and vice versa. I think you made the right decision. Take it from someone who is used to settling and regretting, you made the RIGHT choice! You may feel a bit down now, but I bet you would feel even worse had you settled for what they have. In a few days, you'll be glad that you have declined the bag!:flowers:
  9. Garden party will be stunning!
  10. I'm sorry! It wasn't meant to be! Yours will come along soon!
  11. Aww K, I know you must be so down-trodden as I knew how much you were looking forward to your dream bag. But you did the right thing. You would've regretted "settling" and it wouldn't give you that completely satisfied feeling, that bliss. Huge HUGS!:heart: But you will get the one you're after, especially with all these wonderful ladies here keeping an eye out, I know it! It will just be a matter of time.:flowers:
  12. Aww, thanks Girls.....I think I just got so convinced I would be bringing her home, but nevermind.......I'll wait it out!
  13. I know how disappointing it must be, but it shall be all that much sweeter when the real deal comes home!
  14. Don't worry - keep holding out for what you want!
    I was having doubts about my decision to turn down the Etoupe Birkin after reading the replies in today's Etoupe thread... but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it is TOO MUCH MONEY to spend on something that you're not loving like crazy!!

    You made the right choice! Just think how great you'll feel when the 28 chevre arrives!
  15. :sad: nooooooo. I'm so sorry K. Vert Anis in Togo is NOT the same color in Chevre. You will love it in Chevre. Keep your eye on your goal and it WILL happen.....everything in its time.

    There's nothing though like the disapointment one feels when one's hopes have built up.....been there too.

    Let's put our collective minds together to find that bag for you.....perhaps one is waiting somewhere even as we speak. I know for SURE that SF will ship to you in Australia....so we just have to keep our eyes peeled.....:flowers: :flowers: :flowers: