I don't like MbMJ Spring 2008 gold hardware!

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  1. Very shinny in my opinion!

    I prefer the antique brass hardware ... even the silver hardware ... but not this Spring 2008 shinny one!
  2. i used to think i liked silver hardware more than gold. now, i wouldn't care if mj never did silver hardware again for any of his bags. i like the new polished gold. very bling.
  3. im never a fan of gold hardware. i prefer silver.
  4. Me neither..i hate how delicate they are :graucho:..IMO u just gotto to use them carefully, otherwise the scuff marks are too obvisous.
  5. I think this shinny gold hardware is more adequate to Marc Jacobs bags ... not to Marc by Marc Jacobs bags!
  6. I agree. I prefer silver or the antique brass. One of the reasons I still can't make up my mind whether or not to keep my Dr Q Dakota. It's black with silver hardware.
  7. I like it and it makes the bags look more posh...:p