I Don't Know!

  1. Ok, so I just got a job waitressing at this little Grill in my hometown and my boss told me to buy the "no skid" shoes from Wal-Mart, I've found what she was talking about. But she said I needed black pants, not black bluejeans. She didn't say they would be provided. My shirt is going to be.....I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!
  2. Sounds like you will need to provide your own black slacks. Try to find some black pants that are some kind of synthetic fabric that won't fade. When you work in foodservice, you will wash your clothes so often anything nice or made out of cotton will look terrible inside of a month. When I worked in foodservice about a million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the planet, I went through many pairs of shoes since the grease on the floor cracks and bubbles the soles. Just get the cheapest, most comfy non-skid shoes you can find, I would listen to your boss.
  3. Just get you some black Dockers/Dickies. And your boss is right- get the cheapest comfy shoes you can find, because you SURE don't wanna wear anything nice up there.
  4. Kitchens are hot, and synthetic pants are hotter. Get cotton, and when they begin to fade, get some of that wash-out hair color in blue, and when you wash your pants, after they are washed, do a "rinse cycle" with your blue temporary hair color, and they will stay as black as they day you bought them!
  5. Also, you could ask your female co-workers where they got their black pants. I'm sure they'd have some good tips for you. :yes:
  6. Old Navy had a few different styles of Poly/Rayon blends for about $20. They are machine washable, hold up well, and drape nicely too.