I don't know why people say things like they can't afford LV so they buy Coach

  1. I love Coach designs and how they look, not because they are more expensive than some brands but I know there is a lot of purse snobbery from people that only carry the higher end brands but personally I like Coach better. I am not just saying this because I can't afford nor would I want to spend thousands on a purse. I particularly don't understand the LV thing. I honestly think they are so ugly, every style and color I have seen except for maybe the denim. Does anyone else think these bags are super ugly ? Coach rocks :jammin:
  2. I don't like LV personally. I think it looks like plastic. I also think it looks like an old lady's bag.

    I love the Coach styles a lot more. There customer service is great! They are also high quality. Can't go wrong. I love how they come out with new stuff every couple months too!
  3. hmmm I like coach better to LV looks plastic and the inside of the bags are bla but to each his own some people don't like coach either..my hubby wishes I liked kmart bags lol
  4. I don't think it is okay to question why some people are snobby about Coach, and then at the same time you put down another brand- namely LV. Maybe I am reading it incorrectly but it seems hypocritical, and not the greatest idea to trash a brand seeing as there are MANY people on this forum who love LV. I happen to like both Coach and LV.
  5. ^^^ True. I like styles in both Coach and LV, but there are snobs from both sides. Snobby people are just snobby and what they carry only enhances it.
  6. First of all you are correct. It was very hypocritical of me to put down another brand while talking about people being snobby about coach and I thought that was funny while I was writing it but I posted it anyway. It is just a silly post about purses and I didn't mean to insult anyone but I have never heard "bag snobs" say negative things about Lv that I hear them say about Coach, for example " I used to collect Coach too when I was a teenager then moved on to other (translate better brands) things", and "Coach just screams middle class to me" I just just can't understand why people think these bags (LV) are attractive enough to spend that much money on them, I guess I really want to think they are cute because so many people seem to think they are.

  7. Well everyone has different tastes! No hard feelings. You are forgiven since you are a fellow Massachusettsite! ;)
  8. Thank you ! :smile:
  9. Actually, when I was in high school I had no interest in LV, I didn't particularly care for it, but now I think it's gorgeous- it looks very classy and can dress up any outfit. LV is great quality as is Coach. I just think the styles of LV are very rich looking, and I find myself loving it more and more.
  10. I have loved LV more than any other handbag and will probably always be that way... I've owned MANY of them and after about a 15-year break, I started buying again last year. I have banned myself from reading the LV forum because I swear, I am SO easily enabled when it comes to LV! :rolleyes:

    That said, I also adore many other brands, but 2nd love is Coach. Coach is also so much fun because they seem to change a lot and I like that.
  11. My mother always says "If you don't have anything nice to say, DON'T say it."

    I think Coach and LV are both very classic. I own both.
  12. lol... and I thought I was the only one who thought the lv monogram canvas looks like plastic, I just don't get the appeal. I do however LOVE their denim line. :smile:
  13. Sorry I am just trying to create a conversation so that I can understand the attraction to LV by people who obviously have excellent tastes in things, hence their love for Coach. Even my husband who doesn't care about handbags thinks they(lv) are ugly. I feel this is an excellent forum to discuss such things.
  14. So does mine! :p And so does my daugher, my mother and most of my friends, but I love them and that's all I care about!

    Also, most people associate LV with their monogram bags. LV makes so much more than that... They are beautifully made, very high quality and worth every penny I have invested in them. Damier is my favorite followed by monogram.
  15. I really think this topic needs to be dropped. We've gone through this several times and it very often turns ugly. It gets linked to the LV board and then someone from over there starts harassing, it's not worth it

    Like I always say, carry what you love and can afford