I don't know why but I'm starting to like the Speedy 25.......

  1. I think it's a miracle that i'm starting to like the speedy 25.......because i do not own one single SMALL bag!well some of you may think that the 25 isn't small but i do =) But still I was really loving the 35, and now I'm loving the 25!! OH my God what's wrong with me....I guess it's no sin to like them all.......I do have a speedy 30 but hmmmmmm I'm debating whether to chase after this 25 or if i should just let it die down for a little bit......I was looking at the "WHAT's In your LV Bag" thread and saw a bunch of 25's and thought, SO CUTE! btw, how do you guys get your bags so Organized????!!! haha my bag is so messy inside!!
  2. I've always liked the 25 over the bigger ones... I think I just like the more compact look. Maybe you should try it out? If you don't like it send it back or exchange it.
  3. i tried it on at the store but thought it was too small for me......i should try it again........... =)
  4. The 25 is very nice. It looks a little dressier as it stays a little more structured.

    It's a little harder to get into than the 30, but it is definately a VERY cute bag.
  5. Got it and love it, especially with my brown pastilles hanging from the hardware!
  6. I have both a Mono speedy 30 and a Azur 25 and love them both.

    I got my mono 30 first and sometimes find it a bit too big so when I decided I wanted an Azur I went with the 25 and I love it.... Honestly though I like both sizes, but if I were to get another speedy I'd want another 25. Everything fits a lot more snug where in the 30 everything moves around and I find I try to carry more when I'm carrying my 30 to take up the space....
  7. The Speedy 25 is really cute. You should try to Speedy 25 and Speedy 30 on at the same time to make the decision a little easier. I felt the Speedy 35 was a little too big and reminded me of a duffle. The 30 fits ALOT (books, jacket, shoes haha and it can kinda stretch when you stuff it with stuff). Hope you get whichever one you want!
  8. yeah I find that alot of stuff moves around in my 30.....how do you know when to wear your 30 or 25? LOL....depends on the outfit/mood your in? I think I'd have such a hard time deciding what size to use if i got the 25.........
  9. I just got the 30 and I played around with the 25 too ... I wanted to get both ... the 25 is small but sooo cute. Definitely go back and give it a second looksie!
  10. I can relate. I always thought the 25 would be no good for me. I love my speedy 30 but my next one (azur) will almost definately be a 25 for light spring/summer days
  11. yes it is sooooo cute!! ahh..
  12. The nice thing about the 25 is you can use it during the day AND into the night if you're going out to dinner. It's casual and then can pull off the night time look too. The 30 and 35 can't really do that. I fit a LOT into my 25 - I know it looks compact but I can really stuff that thing. I also love that when I am paying at a register I don't have to sift through this enormous bag looking for my wallet. It's the perfect bag for me. I absolutely love mine. Can you tell?
  13. LOVE my 25! I like how it's compact but holds a ton (even change of shoes) and goes from day to evening! Get one in a different pattern than the Speedy you already have?
  14. Hmm that's true...i find it hard to use the 30 for the nightlife..lol. and it would be much harder with the 35....
  15. The 25 is just too small for me, i could barely fit all my stuff in.