I don't know which to choose

  1. I need your guys opinions...My bf said I can get the Limited Ed MIRAGE GRIET NOIR MONOGRAM Handbag, (seen one on eBay) but i also have my heart set on a:heart: bichon frise. I could only get one and i dont know which one to choose:confused1: What would you guys pick the bag or puppy??
  2. Personally, I would pick the bag...but that's only because I don't want a puppy - I'd be too lazy to take care of it!! lol
  3. Pick the bag and adopt a puppy from the Humane Society.
  4. That's the best advice I have seen on this this website today (aside from the whole dancing in manolos nightmare happening on the eBay forum).
  5. ^^^ I agree!
  6. If you have to ask I don't think the puppy is for you right now. When you can look at an adorable pup and know you want to be its mom go for it. For now go for the bag!
  7. Agree.:tup:
  8. YES! Dog's are always a lot more work than anyone ever imagines. Also, the best dogs are always the little lost mutts from the shelter who look at you with such adoration!
  9. There aren't many things i love more than handbags...but...bichon frise puppies are adorable!

    As the others have said, though, there are plenty of adorable doggies at the shelters that need homes too. Maybe you can get the best of both worlds!
  10. If you really felt ready to have the puppy, you would have gotten it already. You wouldn't be debating between a bag and a puppy. This should tell you that you may not be quite ready for the longterm commitment of owning the puppy. Get the bag.
  11. If you are debating between a bag and a dog then go for the bag - you sound a little wishy-washy and if you lose interest in the bag it can go in the closet. Not so much for the puppy!

    Dont breed and buy when they suffer and die - adopt a pet who needs a loving home!
  12. The bag all the way!
    And then just look at photos of bichon frise to admire their cuteness or get a calendar with them on it or something...at least that is what I would do.
  13. It sounds like you really want the bag? Otherwise, you wouldn't think twice!
  14. A dog because it will interact with you while the bag just sits there.
  15. what do you mean your boyfriend "said you can get" a bag? is this a gift from him or does he need to approve your purchase? if you can't decide between the puppy and the bag you probably don't want the puppy yet! if you do, going the humane society is really a great idea!