i don't know which one to get!

  1. i LOVE the speedy30, i like how its so basic/classic.. but i can't decide which one to get!

    the monogram canvas is nice, but everybody has it.
    the damier is nice, but my friends have been saying that it looks like an "older" person would carry it.

    sigh! i want a speedy30 now!! i just have to decide on which one to get so i can purchase it already~
    which one do you guys prefer.. and why? i'm 20years old (turning 21 in july)..

    any input/suggestions will be greatly appreciated :yes:
  2. out the 2, I'd choose mono...

    However, have you considered the damier azur? or how about MC speedy? :graucho:
  3. I am a big fan of MC and Damier Azur.

    Welcome to the PF btw! :smile:
  4. mini lin?
  5. i'd say the mc is a very young style.

    mini lin dune and azur are more young but classy looking.

    of course you can't go wrong with mono as it is a classic.

    i'm 22 and i have a mono and damier...soon getting an mc. so i guess it depends on what kind of look you're going for and your budget.
  6. well...for me damier is not looks like an old lady handbag..Im 22 and I have damier speedy. It is low maintenance and worry free bag, however if you still doesn't want damier, how about Mini Lin or Azur?
  7. the azur and mc are too colorful for me, i'm looking for a more everyday/classic bag.

    hmM.. i'm leaning more towards the damier, but i don't know :sad:
  8. easy get the Damier Azur...
  9. I would pick an Epi Leather speedy. I don't see many people with it and I think it would be a very classy everyday bag.
  10. if it's your first lv, i would pick the mono. get the damier one later on (:
  11. I don't think that the damier is an old lady bag. My friend (in her 20s) has the damier speedy 25 and it looks great.
  12. I have both the mono and damier - love my mono much more. Also, my two daughters now have mono speedies (they are 21 and 19) and they love them (they also have the BH), and my youngest has a BH too (she's 16). I vote for classic monogram speedy - can't go wrong with it! I like the Damier, just not quite as much. I pretty much only use my damier when it rains, or when I want to look more professional for work.

    I absolutely love my mono speedy 30 (and my 25 - I have both).
  13. I'm almost 19, and have a damier speedy. I don't think it's an old bag!!
  14. can't go wrong with either mono or damier. my first was a damier speedy 30, but planning to get the mono too really soon :smile:
  15. Damier or Damier Azur!