I don't know which one I should keep...


Help, pls?

  1. Heidi

  2. Groovee

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  1. so i went to Saks today to exchange the mbmj heidi and got this groovee. i'm undecided 'cause the groovee is really an arm purse although it comes with a long strap. i already have the MJ Stella and Kate Spade Sam in black. which one should i keep...the Heidi or Groovee?


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I voted for Grovee because I like the style better. :smile:
  3. grovee is more versatile! keep grovee!
  4. grovee
  5. groovee =)
  6. i like the groovee. it looks great on you! i like that the handles are less bulky than the heidi.
  7. groove. cant you use that longer strap as well??
  8. thanks, ladies. i am going to keep the groovee :smile:
  9. Yay! Wear it in good health! :smile:
  10. great choice! i love the groovee.
  11. I love the groove!! Congrats on the bag!
  12. ahhh the groovee is gorgeous. I realllly want it now