I Dont Know Which Bag To Get!!

  1. So I am finally realizing my dream of buying my first LV (hopefully first of many many more to come!) but i'm stuck! I dont know which one to get. It's between the Speedy 35 or a Cabas Mezzo. I have always wanted a speedy and I love handbags, but I'm also a huge fan of shoulder bags that are roomy!! I'm 5'0 so I dont know which would fit me best because to me, they both look great! What do you guys think?:yahoo:
  2. Personally I think the speedy 35 is far too big for a handbag. I'm 5'4 and I tried on the 35 in my nearest LV and it was huge for me, way too big! The 30 is the perfect size for my frame and can fit lots in without it looking to overpowering! The speedy is also IMO the pefect handbag for your first LV as its such a wardrobe staple for any LV fan!
    The Cabas Mezzo is also another favourite and is a great shoulder bag. But overall I think the perfect bag for your first LV is definitly a Speedy, Its just a Classic!
    Good Luck and Let us know what you deceide on!
    P.S What is your budget?
  3. I prefer shoulder bags. So I say go for the Mezzo.
  4. Well my budget right now is about 1200 so it's pretty much either or! I will update you with what I finally decide!! :smile:
  5. Ditto!
  6. I have a Cabas Mezzo and a Speedy 30 & love them both. But if you can, go to the LV store and try them on. The Speedy 35 is great and the Mezzo is a great shoulder bag,so check them both out for the one you'll truly :heart: and can't live without. ;)
  7. I think if you have the budget go for the cabas! I like larger bags much better as shoulder bags! or if you have $1200 you can do a Batignolles Horizontal AND a speedy 25 for only a little bit more!
  8. I too like shoulder bags more. The speedy is classic, but I get tired of carrying it.

    The mezzo is nice or you might consider the Batignolles, I have the vertical and love it, I know alot of people here love the hortizontal too...

    Best thing to do is go to the store and try a few options...it will give you a better feel...plus, it's fun ;)
  9. mezzo, mezzo, mezzo!!!
  10. Good Idea Lola! The BH is TDF! :love:
  11. Welcom to tPF!:flowers: I vote for Mezzo as well!:yes:
  12. If you need a really big bag I assume you carry a lot of things so wouldn't the speedy 35 just be to heavy to carry around? I say go for the Mezzo.
  13. truth :yes:

    plus the Batignolles Horizontal is easier to care for because it doesn't have the all-vachetta bottom that the Cabas has