I don't know which bag I want

  1. Hope this is okay to post here

    Okay this is starting to drive me CRAZY to the point I am having frickin DREAMS about these bags! For the past month I have been looking for a bag for school(international university). Right now I am carrying a timbuk2 laptop messenger. While it's a great quality and roomy bag, It just doesn't work for daily use. It's far too casual unless I am wearing sneakers, jeans, and a t-shirt (which I usually am not), it's too big and bulky if I'm not carrying my laptop (and I usually don't) and Its way too hard to get into without taking it off and setting it down and I usually need to get into my bag while on an escalator or walking.

    After having eliminated the large coach carly and gucci new britt totes upon seeing them, I found 3 other bags I like. Here they are in order:

    Gucci Jolicoeur large tote (black)-http://www.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/classics/handbags/#139260_F40MG_9791
    Here it is in black (not large though, they dont have a pic on gucci.com):http://image.www.rakuten.co.jp/chgardens/img10031823173.jpeg (hope thats real)
    I loved this bag in person it caught my eye, only thing stopping me from going and buying it right now is the fact it has no zipper...I have never had a bag without a zipper so Im a bit unsure about it. Tokyo is "generally" safe, so im not so much worried about someone pickpocketing as I am everything falling out by accident. I also forgot to try the bag on my shoulder last time at the gucci store so if anyone has it, does it fit on your shoulder fine? Even with a winter coat? Also the SA at the boutique told me now you can chose this style bag with plain fabric on the inside or a horse bit pattern. The horsebit looked like this only in red and green http://image.www.rakuten.co.jp/chgardens/img10032135340.jpeg anyone know anything about this? Being an equestrian I love the horsebit pattern.

    Gucci Abbey medium shoulder bag black Gucci
    I liked handleing this bag alot but to me it seemed... a little plain. I also like the zipper.

    Coach leather large gallery tote black Coach - New LEATHER LARGE GALLERY TOTE
    This bag is practical and would serve the purpose well, plus I know coach leather is good. But I also think it's on the plain side and I'm not a huge fan of brass. Im also kind of driven away since I want something besides coach for a change.

    I'm 5'1 so I'm worried about the bag being too big. As far as books, It needs to be able to carry books but I usually only carry books for one class at a time so it's not terribly heavy, I rarely carry more than one classes book home (i do most of my work in school and leave them in a locker). I commute to school via subway everyday so I am pretty worried about the bag holding up. I know the coach bag would hold up but I've never had a Gucci before but they felt kind of delicate when I was at the store. It also needs to fit on my shoulder. I'm not too worried about it being too "high end" because my school is mostly japanese students who are nuts about their LVs.

    So please help me pick a bag :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: or if you know of any other bags that would work please post, it needs to come in black and I'm not looking to spend more than $1000

    Sorry this is kinda long...
  2. I haven't seen them in person, but I really like the 2nd Gucci and the Coach. I'd lean to the Gucci because I like the subtle tone on tone logo.
  3. yes i also love the subtle logo :heart:
  4. I like the second gucci. The first one is nice but I have the same worries as you on that one. I like zippers in case it rains or something. Let us know what you go with.
  5. I love that coach! I think the second Gucci is cute also!
  6. I like the Gucci Abbey :yes:
  7. ahhh this is so hard! haha:cursing:
    I wish all decisions were like this :sweatdrop:

    I still don't know....I am also LOVING the Coach andrea sachel after seeing that in person. Coach - New COACH ANDREA SATCHEL eventhough im not sure it would work as a shoulder bag

    I love them all! :love:
    I may just have to make the decision in the store when I go to buy it x.x The SA will think im crazy

    Btw, the price for the andrea satchel in Japan is 130,200 yen, thats about $1070 x.x yikes! Gucci and LV are marked up a little bit but not that bad! I still can't believe Coach is in the same price range (in japan) as more "higher end" designers.
  8. Another vote for the Coach from London!
  9. I pick the Gucci Jolicoeur because, as a former equestrian, I am partial to the horse bit pattern :yes: But if safety is a concern, then I'd opt for the Abbey. I'm not a big Coach fan, mainly because the brand has been run into the ground where I live. You'll see girls as young as 10 carrying the small bags around and they think they're so cool since mommy bought them this bag. I also think for their pricing that you could buy a nicer bag. But that's just MO.

    Let us know what you decide!
  10. hmm yeah I'm still deciding...and I keep finding more bags!!! The Jolicoeur is drawing me to it because of the whole equestrian thing as well...I also love the new coach andrea satchel but I'm a little worried about the style getting old really fast...
  11. i am deciding what school bag to use also. i was going to go for the coach signature stipe large tote but then when i saw you were considering the gallery tote i stopped to think about it and i think you just changed my mind. i am definately getting the gallery tote soon because i think it looks classy and functional.
  12. i looked at the sig stripe large tote too but I just didnt like it in person, really plain and I thought the handles looked too thin. The small sig stripe tote is ADORABLE though but my books would not fit in that :sad:
  13. I don't know if this is a little over your limit, but I just bought the LV monogram canvas lockit horizontal for school. It fits my MacBook plus an accordion folder, two notebooks, my wallet, cell, small Kiehl's bag with stuff, and a 32oz water bottle perfectly (yes, I practically live out of my bag :p)
  14. I go for the Coach.