I don't know what's wrong...

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  1. I don't know what's up with me... multiple probs here..
    I just can't make up my mind! I was at the Louis Vuitton store yesterday and I saw the Neverfull GM! I fell inlove with it! BUT... I'm thinking for buying a Gucci bag aswell.
    I don't know which one to choose!


    I also saw the Eugenie Monogram wallet<- that i want to buy but still have to decide between that or the eugenie Epi Leather ivoire!

  2. I know how you feel, theres just soo many things and so many decisions to make :smile:

    My rule of thumb is, buy whatever is going to be used more often and get the others later.. sorry i can;t be of any more help.
  3. Which Gucci were u thinking about getting? It depends on which styles IMO.
  4. get the neverfull! good luck choosing!
  5. What would fit your needs best on a daily basis? Try to picture yourself with the items on the list and see which one calls out to you more.

    From your list, I think I can go with this recommendation: How about getting the Neverfull GM and the Mono Eugenie? Then you can branch out from there into lots more goodies. Good luck!!
  6. yes still deciding! How much is the neverfull in the U.S at the moment? I'm in Europe at the moment and online louis vuitton shop it's 325 pounds... I don't know how much that is in euro!
    So i'm thinking of going to the U.K to buy it there...OR the Gucci Ebony medium
  7. Is it possible to get both?

    I shop Gucci too.
  8. I love the neverfull GM.
  9. i think you will really really really like the neverfull!
    but this is the louis vuitton forum...so opinions are going to be biased.
  10. I'm in the same situation as you Kishmee, I can't decide on the mono or ivory epi eugenie, BUt I also want a vernis pearl wallet!!!!

    Let us know what you decide! :smile:
  11. i now buy the one i would be most excited over. i purchased a gucci pelham and even though i do love it, i never use it and wish that money went to something LV. i just don't get excited over gucci like i do LV. choose wisely ;)
  12. I'd choose the Neverfull and the Eugenie Monogram wallet. Can't go wrong!
  13. Gucci is so nice, so I dont blame you!
  14. I think i have it all straight. As one of you ladies say that i have to choose for the one i'm most excited about. It's prolly gonna be the Neverfull GM and the ivory wallet :tup::wlae:
  15. I would suggest the neverfull GM and the eugenie wallet in monogram. I would be to afraid for marks with a white wallet in my purse