I don't know what to think?? Kinda long...

  1. About 10 days ago i found my holy grail bag on eBay after waiting for over a year. The bag is mint so I didn't mind paying top dollar. I submitted and offer to the seller through Best Offer of $200 less than the BIN. She countered-offered by $75 via email and I told her I would accept. THEN, she sent me another email saying her friend outside of eBay offered her more and she wouldn't have to pay final value fees and wanted to know if I would go higher (another $30). I thought it over and decided against b/c I felt I was being hustled. So then she sends me another email saying she felt bad and that she should sell to me b/c she offered it to me first. (i'm thinking 'yeah right' she prolly made all this up b/c if she got a better deal off eBay she could just end the auction and save on all the fees). Anyway, I tell her I will go $99 more than my original offer with shipping included and that's final. We proceed and I pay her that night (10 days ago). She tells me the bag went out last Monday so I wait patiently. By Thursday there is no bag so I email her for tracking number. She finally gets back to me on Sunday (today) and apologizes (she is stressed with school) and gives me the tracking number. I plug it in and it says the item was accepted on Wednesday and to check back for updates. The item was shipped from another city (from a different side of the country! At this point, I totally do not trust my seller b/c she has been less than honest with me from the start. The only thing keeping me going is that this is my dream bag so I sincerely hope it is the same bag from the auction. She has great feedback for buying and selling bags and I can tell it's all genuine. I am just freaking b/c I don't like to be strung along and there is A LOT of money involved, A LOT. This bag had better arrive tomorrow! I am considering leaving her approriate feedback. I just feel icky about the whole process. Ahh....thanks for letting me vent. :shrugs:
  2. I would wait 1-2 more days and then file an INR through PayPal. She sounds like she just lied about everything. If she really shipped it Wednesday, you should have had it by now(if it was shipped priority mail). I am a seller and am located in Colorado and my items only take 2 days, maybe 3 to get from here to the east coast. I don't know where you or your seller are located, or where the bag was actually shipped from, but you should have it by now. Give it a couple more days at most and then file a dispute. Good luck with everything, it sounds like you have a lot of money invested in this! Let us know what happens.
  3. Oh, I really hope your bag arrives tomorrow in pristine condition! I don't know what to think about it being shipped from a different location, although she did lie about when it shipped it seems. If you receive the bag and it is all you had hoped for I would loverlook the shipping and give positive feedback (though you might mention the ship time).

    Good luck and let us know how it works out!
  4. I totally understand how you are feeling, its ok to be paranoid about buying on ebay even when everything is perfect, and in this case the seller seems fishy. I almost won an auction where I thought everything was perfect but in the last two days the seller replied to an email and she sounded like a kid, AND she recieved her first negative feedback saying she overcharged for shipping, sent to the wrong address, but would not refund shipping. I just go with my gut feeling, if there is anythign that makes you uncomfortable its better to be safe than sorry, all for peace of mind. I understand its worse if its your dream bag (it was one of mine in this case), Anyway I hope you get your bag soon and its authentic and in good condition. Sometimes the postal services mess up. I would leave appropriate feedback for the seller though, hopefully everything works out. Keep us posted!
  5. yeah, i would give it until tuesday. do you know if she shipped priority mail or parcel post?

    and yup, it does sound like she was trying to hustle you..

    hopefully everything turns out fine. keep us updated.
  6. I emailed her again about the different shipping city and she advised she moved. She was in NYC and now in LA. I too, would have expected to have the bag by now. She provided a tracking and insurance #. I expect it to arrive tomorrow. She has and had a super nice collection of bags so I will give her the benefit of the doubt. I don't know if I would buy from her again. I am a very understanding person and want sellers to be honest with me. Thanks for all the input, girls!
  7. All i can suggest is wait until 90 days after the auction ended to leave your negative feedback, after the 90th day, she can't leave you any feedback anymore if you are scared of retaliation feedback!
  8. The bag came today and it is perfect!! I prolly won't buy again from this seller b/c lack of professionalism, but item is good. Thanks for letting me rant:rolleyes:
  9. YAY! I'm so glad it worked out for you!:yahoo:
  10. yay, glad it is all good
  11. Yay - glad it all worked out BUT.....what kind of a bag was this? Holy Grail? Hmm..sounds like a (fill in the blank).....
  12. What bag was it?!? You're killing me here!
  13. ^ yea, that's what I'm gonna ask!lol what is it????hehe

    anyway, glad that u have received the bag :smile:
  14. Phew, a happy ending - so glad. And add me to the list of people who want to know what the bag is!
  15. Come on...don't keep us in suspense,.....what is your holy grail? PICS!!!