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May 22, 2006
Hi guys..

Well, I normally don't post up sappy threads when I am down. But this time I think it would be good to hear some input and stuff.

My mom got real sick a few days ago with a very high fever that wouldn't go away. I asked her a few questions on her symptoms and figured that she could possibly have a Urinary Tract Infection. After 4 days, she went to the hospital to get checked up bc she was not getting any better.

Well, my aunt called me earlier today( I live in CA, my mom and rest of the family lives in FL) and her friend started bursting out crying and told me that my mom indeed DOES have a UTI, and also has a tumor in 1 of her ovaries and she MAY have cancer.

I spoke to my dad a few times today and he's been by her side all along. (they are divorced)

He assured me that she is okay (for now) and that he will keep me updated daily on her condition. She's still at the hospital and they are still doing whatever else they need to do.

He is upset that my aunt would call me to tell me bad news like that. He mentioned that he wouldn't call me to tell me things like that to worry me. I kinda do think that my dad is the type of person to hide things from me...

I was going to get a flight out tonight or early morning...but then coincidently my final exams are TOMORROW and 1 more on Saturday. My dad convinced me that she is okay and if anything he will let me know but as for now he thinks its best if I stay here n finish up my school work then come over.

I am currently in Nursing school and after Saturday is going to begin a fresh term.
I may withdrawal and go back home to be with my mom.

If anything were to happen to my mom, I truly will drop my life over here and go back to her. She lives alone and has no one. I am glad that my dad is there for her and he even mentioned that after she gets better, he is going to ask her to come live with him while he takes care of her.

I just hope that she gets well soon. My dad assured me that he is there to take care of her and everything so that made me feel much relived.

I have much more things I want to express but my thoughts are so scrambled up that I don't know what else to say.

Sorry if I mixed up my thoughts.


Thank you for reading.

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
OK..Speakin to you as a MOM...and as a friend.....and as a healthcare professional.

Do NOT withdraw from school yet...if your mom has a tumor..she is going to need tests to confirm BEFORE u all know for sure.I know u r prob consumed with worry.BUT wait a day or two..take a deep breath..say lots of prayer for her....As we ALL WILL WITH YOU HERE ON THE PF!......
If I was yer mom..Id tell u to take your finals first then wait to see what happens..OK?She knows u love her..Im sure.......u can always fly out later when it is or isnt confirmed.I as a mom would be CONSUMED with guilt and FEEL WAY WORSE if my daughter dropped her school out of worry for my own health
Just a mom speakin here!!!
and remember PHH is a doctor..if u need any help or have ANY questions....Id be happy to help u in any way we can!HUGS!!!!!


Apr 28, 2006
If (god forbid) your Mom does have a tumor and it turns out to be cancer, it sounds like it has been found very early and this is the good thing. When I was reading your story it was almost exactly like what happened to my maternal Aunt. In her case they caught the tumor early and 7 years later she is completely healthy.

It must be really scary for you to go thru this though, hang in there and we'll all be thinking of you. :heart:


I'm so sorry for you! I know exactly how you feel.

I agree with Jill's advice, don't hop on the first plane yet. Since they're still testing, I suggest that you finish with your exams and then catch the first plane out. It might be a false alarm and if that's the case you don't want to shoot yourself in the foot by sacrificing your classes.

I'm wishing you the best! Call your mom as often as possible and give her as much support that you can until you can get out for her.


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Feb 26, 2007
Bay Area, CA
I'm glad she went in!! The UTI was a good thing, if it helped the drs. find the tumor. Have you spoken with your mom directly?
My family keeps stuff from me too - A LOT!! My mom once had surgery and they didn't tell me until afterward. That's why I ask if you talked to your mom and find out what the whole story is. I agree with previous posters - find out what you can from testing, then if further treatment is necessary you can fly out and be with her. This must be hard for you being so far away, but it is important for you to know what's going on. I will keep you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers - keep us posted.
Nov 8, 2006
hey louislady so sorry to hear about it! health issues are hard to deal with.

but like the other ladies suggested, i'd finish my exams first if i were you. don't do anything drastic yet like withdraw. let the tests come out and hear what the doctor's plans are. in the meanwhile you can call her lots and go back on short trips.

your dad sounds very nice to her even though they are divorced. that is really good to her.

we are all here for you. good luck with exams. you only have 2 more and you'll be done with the term so study hard, focus on that for now.

Hugs and :heart:

Another Jen

Apr 19, 2007
Sending you lots of hugs.

You've had some great advice already on here. The thing that came into my head was that you could, if you wanted, have a chat with your school so they know whats going on. During my final year one of my flat mates Mum was taken ill and the school was really understanding and gave extra support when needed (extended assessment times etc). In fact they told her that if she had come sooner they would have been able to provide more support. I don't know if that will be off any use to you.

Best wishes



Dec 27, 2005
I am saying a prayer for both you and your Mom. First talk to your school. I am sure they will try to help you.
Wait for the test results. Once you hear the word tumor it is scary but it could be benign. I just want to let you know of a experience I had. I found a lump on my breast and went to my doctor then mammogram and ultrasound and then the surgeons office. He took one look at my mammogram and told me I had 2nd stage breast cancer. Now can you imagine what stress I was under with two small children to think about. I went to a oncologist and she said nobody can make a diag. without a biopsy. I got my biopsy and it was a rare tumor but not cancerous. So doctors do make mistakes in telling you things. Try to stay positive.


Oct 21, 2006
I agree with the advice you are getting here....wait to see what the tests reveal, but also let your professors and if you have a particular guidance person assigned to you know... take care !


Feb 17, 2006
Sorry to hear about your mum. As the others have said, please wait for your mum's test results before you make your decision about school. Hopefully the tumour is not cancerous but if it is, and your mum finds out about the cancer early, then please do not worry too much. In 2001, I had cancer of the lining of the womb, thank goodness it was *only* in the first stage. One op later and six years down the road, I'm still here. All the best to your mum.


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Sep 13, 2005
Really sorry to hear about your mom!

But like others said, wait and see. Dr's found a tumor on my ovary 2 years ago- and I had to wait to get the tests done, but it was not cancerous. Ovaries can grow cysts/tumors easily, so it could go either way.

Keep praying but take care of your school- she will be ok :yes: Just stay in touch and wait to hear!


Nov 12, 2006
New York City
Sorry to hear about your mom. You've gotten some great advice from everyone, and I totally agree with Jill. I'm keeping you and your mom in my thoughts. :hugs: