I don't know what to get!!!

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  1. I have a 40% off coupon that I would like to use. I currently only have a magenta Sabrina and don't know if I should get another one?

    So if you had 40% off, what would you get?
  2. I would personally get a Sabrina because I love them! But since you already have one, maybe go for the Madison Shoulder Bag? It's gorgeous too!
  3. I would get one of those fun domed satchels...or maybe wait for the Parker line that's coming out in Feb.
  4. I had a 40% off coupon yesterday and got the Madison Spectator Shoulder Bag with it! :smile: The one with the green on the bottom..
  5. Oooh, lucky you! Is it 40% off one item or the total purchase amount? If it is off one item, I'd get the Julianne only because I already have a Sabrina. However, if it is off the total purchase, I'd buy both a Julianne and another Sabrina in a different colour. I adore the Sabrina. :smile:
  6. I'd be getting either the XL suede Zoe in flint or I'd wait for some of the bags I've pictured below to release...especially the tattoo one, but thst's just MY style!!!

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  7. Maybe a penelope shopper. I also wouldn't mind a rosegold sabrina!
  8. My FP store is one of the boutiques to carry the Parker. So far, I'm not loving it. I've even heard people comment and say "it looks like a WalMart bag." To me they look like bags I could sew on my machine! Maybe I'll change my mind...I'll have to see.
  9. The tattoo one is kind of cute! :heart:

    My avatar shows my vote...I was in the boutique today and they have 128 left in JAX. My fav SA said she would expect them to be close to selling out mid February.

    What size and material are you partial to?
  10. I love the Sabrina and actually have 3 of them. However, I've also fallen in love with the Madison leather shoulder bags. They have the veratility of the Sabrina and are a nice size, but give you a totally different look than the Sabrina. It's such a hard decision, but a fun one that I wouldn't mind having to make. Good luck!
  11. Oo I'd get a large zoe, or a small heritage stripe domed satchel even though I'm a big bag gal .. or a julianne... or.... LOL I wish I could catch'em all
  12. I like bigger bags. I think I am going to buy the leather travel sabrina for my mom. She needs a good weekender bag and I think it looks fabulous. With 40% it isn't too bad, either.
  13. If I had my choice I would pick the Penelope! I love this line, Love all the pockets!