I don't know what to do...

  1. I have the opportunity to purchase a vintage Kelly 32 cm in Black Box with GH...Year is K in a circle : that means 1981 ??
    Mint condition : not a single scratch...The only flaws to mention are : missing shoulder strap, Cadenas/Key need to be cleaned.

    And here is my dilemna...I just had my first H : 35cm Birkin in Black Box with GH.
    You see my problem : same color, same leather, same HW...

    I've planned to buy an H bag per year, so as you see my collection won't be growing fast...
    And this Kelly (even if I think it's a gorgeous, and I want to have one), wouldn't have been up in my list...
    Maybe N°4 or 5 (I'm going to make a SO on a Birkin 30cm in Ostrich Bleu Roi, and I also would like a Birkin in Raisin later)...

    But on the other hand, it's really in great shape, and more than 50% off...

    Really don't know what to do :sad:...
    sac-kelly-hermes-box-ms.jpg sac-kelly-hermes-box-ms8.jpg sac-kelly-hermes-box-ms9.jpg sac-kelly-hermes-box-ms3.jpg sac-kelly-hermes-box-ms11.jpg
  2. Love love vintage bags. That is gorgeous. I´m not saying go for it but if you have the money, why not?
  3. Thank you Nola for your answer :flowers: !!
    I have the money for this one (and so for the Ostrich Birkin),
    but it will add some delays for the Birkin Raisin :sad:...
  4. Well, it seems like the price is the swaying factor here (of course money is important) and even by your admission it's "not high up on your list"... If it were me, I would wait it out...
  5. Even though both bags are black, IMO they have different connotations. Birkin - sporty, casual. Kelly sellier - elegant, more formal. So like Nola said, if you have the money, go for it! Then you will be set for any occasion.
  6. fromparis, will see you in a few days, but in the meanwhile, you are H shopping already LOL :graucho:

    Take her! She is in great condition and can always go to the spa. She is a good deal. A Black Box Kelly is a lot different from a Black Box Birkin. Completely different looks and functions. You won't regret it.
  7. I think you should grab it, I know you'll appreciate having it, versus regretting letting it go later in time--You have the money for this and your next baby Ostrich...tdf! so I say go for it, because before you know it you'll be able to get your Raisin too. You know if you want something bad enough you'll make a way for it to happen...at least I do haha
  8. ugh, I am fainting over that! you should definately get it. can one have too much black box?
  9. fromparis, I've got a 35cm Black Boxcalf Birkin GH and 32cm Black Boxcalf Sellier Kelly GH and am very glad to have both. Since you've got your Birkin, you already know how fabulous Boxcalf is. I think you'll find the Kelly to be a very useful bag, especially in a 32cm and encourage you to snap it up. If it doesn't come with a shoulder strap, that's probably something you'd want to order for it.
  10. ^^ Yes I agree. The straps are easily replaceable, and a Kelly boxcalf sellier is completely, different from a birkin!! I say this is a great opportunity!!
  11. Well, I'm with Tokyogirl. If it's not high on your list, I wouldn't just snap it up just because it's there. I'd wait for a bag that I *really* wanted.
  12. Hi! I was watching this auction, too! I was afraid a 32 sellier would be too big for me (I'm only 5')--she does seem in good shape. Did you inquire about any dryness? Did anyone else here recommend gettng additional pics of the corners? Good luck and I'll be following what you decide!!!
  13. Although it wasn't high on your list, it WAS on your list!!! Sometimes, an opportunity will pop up that you just can't pass up, and even if that means going out of order, seize it while you have the chance! BUT even with that being said, only get it if you LOVE it! Even at half off, it is still a major purchase and since you have other bags you really want too, I would only go for it if you know you will love it!

    BTW- you can never have too much black box. This will serve a very different purpose than your black box birkin.
  14. That's a wonderfully cared for, vintage Kelly :yes:. And I am going to assume that the price is good too.

    Missing shoulder strap? No problem. Order a new one if you MUST have the strap.

    Cadena needs to be cleaned? No biggie either.

    Grab it and think later. :okay:
  15. hmmmm, if it were me, I would get a different kelly