I don't know what to do!

  1. So here's my deal -

    I'm very late to the toki craze. I love almost all of the prints and a whole bunch of the bag styles, and I know that if I want to track down older styles and prints I'm gonna have to search hard and shell out a lot of ducets.

    That's why I want to get purses while I still can! I have a lovely Trasporto campeggio on hold at Macy's, and I'm debating on whether or not I should get it. Truth is, I DON'T have the money for it. :cursing: I do, however, have a Macy's account and am able to make regular payments on it.

    But SHOULD I!? I really, really, don't know.
  2. LOL, I would say don't dig yourself into a hole for tokidoki, but that's just me lol. Good luck with it though haha.
  3. My personal opinion is if you can't pay it off immediately, don't do it.
  4. ITA 100%. I never buy bags unless the money is sitting in the bank. As crazy as I am about bags, no bag is worth going in debt for. If you feel uncomfortable (which you obviously somewhat do), something is definitely wrong. Buy the bag when you are in a comfortable financial situation. You will love and appreciate it even more, because you can be totally guilt free. Good luck, and hopefully you make the right decision :drinkup:
  5. This post seems familiar? Didn't you post something about this dilemma already? :confused1:

    Oh, and my advice is that if you're that unsure of whether or not you can afford something, then the answer is you probably should wait until you have sufficient funds available.
  6. Agreed. Go in debt because of house payments or a new car or a college fund, not for a Tokidoki bag. Then it's truly a luxury, and not another thing to pay off.
  7. I have to agree with everyone here. A tokidoki is not worth going into debt for. And if it feels wrong, it is wrong. Let it go. The daily finance charges you end up paying Macys for this bag adds up quickly.

    Get the bag when you're financially able.
  8. call me an enabler, but here i go...

    we don't know your income, so we can't really give you a true assessment here. if you can make regular payments on your card and pay it off in a short time (a couple of months, maybe), and the bag is really worth it to you, then go for it. but don't rush into the decision and buy it only because the tokidoki/lesport collaboration is coming to an end. after the fervor dies down, i'm sure you'll be able to find a decently priced bag on evilbay or on an lj community.

    ..so says the woman with credit card debt, thanks to her bbag habit :whistle: (hey, it's being paid off!)
  9. Don't do it. Paying a bag off via credit card will have you paying 2-3 times the retail price by the time you're done paying it off. I'd wait until I had the money to buy it outright instead.
  10. Yeah I wouldn't do it. Pay interest charges for a bag is kind of ridiculous for any bag really. Especially credit cards like Macy's they will charge you like 20-25% interest charges...granted i'm not good at math but seriously the numbers already don't sound right.
  11. Maybe come up with some extra money via selling stuff on eBay, etc. Don't go into debt. Interest rates for charge cards are insane, which would make the bag much more expensive than it really is.
    Save up for the bag. Sweet-talk your bf or significant other into buying it for you as a gift. Get a little PT job so you have some pocket change for luxuries. But don't charge it.
  12. I used to work for a credit card company, and they were predatory in their attempts to suck people out of more and more money... so I can never have a balance on my credit card just because it makes me so uncomfortable. Macy's interest rates are high, so I would suggest not putting on your card now if you can't pay it outright when the bill comes.

    Also, since the Trasporto and Tutti bags were on the LSS website, they will eventually get to the outlets, so you will have the chance to buy again at a lower price.
  13. * I made a post about the Trasporto print in general, but not about the Campeggio bag and my slight problem. ^_^

    I know you guys are so right [and bella sarafina, you're right - you ARE an enabler! But it's okay]. Does it make any difference that it's not a credit card that I have, but just a Macy's store card? Or does it all work out the same?

    Oh, and I would be able to pay off the bag within a couple of weeks, not months. Does THAT make any difference?

    Stupid cards. This is why I'm converting to keeping all of my munnies in a sack, buried in the backyard.
  14. A Macy's store card is still a credit card, just not a "major" one like Visa or MC. Like everyone else said, it's going to be outrageous interest if you don't pay it in one lump sum. The fact that you can pay for it within a couple of weeks is giving me the impression that you just want the bag now but can't pay for it until "next pay day" or something. If that's the case, I don't see why you couldn't get it... as long as that balance is paid in full when that bill comes.
  15. You said in your post "Truth is, I DON'T have the money for it.". That answers it right there. I don't support going into debt for a pure luxury item. Toki is fun & wonderful if you have the savings to spend on it. But no non-necessity is worth going into debt for.