i dont know what to do

  1. So I have a 4 and a half year old yorkie (his photo is my av) and he is the love of my life, so last saturday he started acting really weird, when i got home, (not jumping up to say hi, looking sad, etc) then about an hour later he is crying, then i go to touch his leg and he screeches at the top of his lungs, so i run him over to the animal hospital, and the vet tells me "that small breeds have cartilige problems" and basically he could have a slipped disc in his back, mind you the guy didnt take and xrays, was in there for 12 minutes and was literally like 26-27 yrs old, so i was kinda annoyed, so he took blood and urine samples and gave me steroids for him and sent me on my way. (BTW am i being paranoid, or would this not have laid right with you guys?) so its been 5 days he's been on the steroids and he is looking sooooo much better, he runs around and waggs his tail, eating, urinating fine, but he hasnt gone #2 since MONDAY!!! I am worried :sad: So 1st question should i take him back to the vet immediatly? and should i go somewhere else? Bc i dont know i feel like the one i went to is Full of @#)$*....what would you do? (ps his blood tests and urine came back fine)
  2. Well,
    It sounds like your baby is doing really well!
    Vets don't like to take unnecessary xrays... and if he was confident that his diagnosis was correct then the meds did the job!!!!

    I would be worried about him not going #2 for days.... I would call the vet and just ask them about it... could be the meds...
    Is your baby eating normal?

    When on steroids, they need lots of extra water too.... is he drinking alot?

    Just call the vet and let them know..it may be a simple fix!

    I am happy he is doing so much better!
    He is VERY CUTE!!! :smile:
  3. I'm wondering what the steroids are for? I would also be worried and annoyed in your situation. Call the vet and ask what they think...maybe it is a side effect of the drugs?
  4. Good to hear he's doing better.

    I would take him somewhere else for a second opinion. Also, make sure and tell them he hasn't done his business since Monday.
  5. I would take him to my regular vet and have them screen your doggie for Lymes Disease. It can affect the joints so quickly and the symptoms can vary. Glad he's feeling better and good luck.
  6. Why do you feel like the vet you took your dog to is "full of @#)$*", when what he prescribed has your dog feeling so much better? Steroids are anti-inflammatory drugs so are perfectly appropriate IMO.
  7. I am happy to hear that your baby is feeling better. As far as not going #2, that is a concern for certain. I agree that Vets do not like to take unecessary x-rays as it is very stressfull on the animal and sometimes they need to be sedated which is a process in itself. I have been told as well that small breeds can have this problem, my pug was limping about a year ago and I was given similar advice, no steroids though. She is fine now, but we had to make some changes in our home for her, doggie stairs, etc. But that is off the topic (sorry). If you are not comfortable with the advice you were given by the first Vet, then a 2nd opinion is fine. I would suggest not going to more than 2 different Vets though as you can get overwhelmed by differing opinions and it can make your head spin. If it was my baby and he had still not gone #2, I would get him to the Vet ASAP. The steroids could be making your dog constipated, but that is a serious problem. I am not trying to worry you, but your doggie does need some medical attention IMO. I am sure everything will be fine, be sure to keep us posted so we won't worry!
  8. HE WENT POOPS!!!!:party:YAY!!!! He went and he is looking soo much better. So hopefully he is gonna be ok, he still isnt "regular" but he went on friday b4 the vet visit. Thank you all for your advise and concern. I just want him to fully recover and it not be an oongoing thing. But he is looking good, and he is back to his old self like running around the table, or trying to get me to chase him. and now he is down to one pill a day. I also bought him so diet food, bc he is a little overweight, he is 5 pounds but i think he is supposed to be less bc his little belly is too large.