I dont know what to do.....

  1. Hey, here is another one of my dilemas. I just bought the Luxury Flap in black, but I've always wanted to buy the bowler. Unfortunatly, every SA tells me its impossible to find the bowler, and I really don't want to buy a used one. ( I heard the wear easily) So, should I keep the flap or possibly wait for the bowler to be released..maybe. Also, is the flap a good bag for a 23 year old? I don't really dress up yet.... I wear a lot of jeans. Please help!
  2. Do you love the Flap?
    I personally wouldn't spend that much on a bag if I didn't love it
  3. I agree with the PP. Simply put, you have to love the bag.

    I think the phrasing on this may come out harsh but don't keep a bag simply b/c you like the idea of the brand name, but not the bag itself. Does that make sense? That is a lot of money to put in to ANY bag, Chanel or not, that you aren't 100% sure about.
  4. I think the flap is a great bag for any age -- you can dress it up or down.
  5. If you don't absolutely love the bag, I would not keep it. Or you can search for the bowler, and once it's found, sell the flap.
  6. I think the flap is gorgeous and would be appropriate for any age. I also think it is one of the more "casual" styles so would look great with jeans.
  7. Return it if you don't really really love it.
  8. I like your idea, Michele. Thanks :smile:
  9. I think its hot when u dress down with jeans and a nice top when ur using the flap. which bowler are you searching for? maybe i can help my SA locate the bag for you? My SA did some miracle and located the ultimate soft about 2-3 weeks ago.
  10. I think the flap is perfect for someone who is 23!!! And i think jeans look especially cute with the flap!!!!!! I would get that one, the bowler is TDF but the flap i think is even better!
  11. I'd say wait. Not unless you're an impulsive buyer..
  12. The flap is perfect for your age range, but return it if you are unsure.
  13. I do no think there are age limits on flaps and I do think they look HOT with jeans. You can dress them up or down and they are timeless and not trendy.

    However, if it is not the bag of your dreams, I would return it and try to exercise patience. I am sure the SA can locate one for you eventually.

    Restraint can be a good thing for the wallet if you can not afford bot purses.

  14. I think you can wear ANY purse you want to wear. The classic flap can be worn with jeans or baby doll dresses.

    But...you should LOVE it. Especially at Chanel $$$. Find a good SA willing to search the system, keep looking until you find one. Post in the shopping thread, go for the thrill of the hunt.

    Don't buy a purse just to let it sit unused in your closet.
  15. I was in your shoes once. I coveted the bowler and bought it first. My sister bought me the metallic flap for my birthday last year. But when it came to spending my own money, I knew the bowler was it.

    If you can afford both they are both wonderful bags but if you must choose, go with the bowler - it's fab!