I don't know what to do....?????

  1. I bought the Damier speedy 30 and now I have to decided if I want to keep it. I have never been a brown girl...I only carry or wear black. I do not like the mono but I found this kinda nice. I want something that is classic LV but would never buy the mono. I already bought the epi I wanted....so will I let this sit around or will I carry it? I know only I know my heart but I just keep thinking what if a year down the road I don't like it. Thanks in advance for all of your advice.
  2. I think if you're really having doubts, then you should return it or exchange it for something you will *absolutely* use! Maybe something in Pomme or Framboise? They look so nice next to black! :graucho:
  3. ^ ITA, you should return and get something you know you would love and use for many years down the line. a "classic" LV means different things to different people but the most important thing is to choose the one that would suit you, your lifestyle and your budget. the best thing is to go try them on (even the ones you never ever considered)....you'd be surprised at what you might fall in love with!
  4. Like everyone said, return it. If you're doubting it, then you really don't want it.
  5. why not another epi coz they're more subtle but classy? there are a lot of new releases on the epi line...:yes:
  6. if you have doubts, exchange it for something else...
  7. I think you should get a black Epi Speedy... ;)
  8. Go back to the boutique & spend a lot of time looking at & trying everything.
    You may find something you like better.
    Or you may decide you really do like your damier.
  9. The Damier is gorgeous and I think the brown would be a nice addition to your bag collection. :yes: But if you're having second thoughts, you might want to return it.
  10. I love my Damier 30, especially with Black! But if you're having doubts, return it and get something else. What about black epi speedy 30, or black epi montaigne pm? Both are more expensive tho. Or you could go for Azur since it's spring now!:yes:
  11. oops...my bad....just noticed your avatar is montaigne pm!:shame:
  12. Thanks everyone...I have 30 days to return it as long as it is unused...so I will look at it for awhile...thanks again.
  13. I don't believe in any rule about matching your bag to your outfit or to your shoes.
  14. I think the damier speedy 30 will be a classic LV piece. I love mine and wear it with everything!

  15. I think it might grow on you. I wasn't a fan of my speedy when I purchased it, but now, I love it. If you are sure that you are going to return it, then please do not use it.