I don't know what to do please help!

  1. I bought a purse on eBay on Feb. 10 and paid for it immediately after the auction ended. I've been emailing the seller now for the past 4 days and i've gotten zero responses. And just today ( this morning at 7:46 am ) I received an email saying that she was sent out of town last Sunday on business but will send my package out later tonight and will email me the tracking number...it's now pretty early in the morning ( because i can't sleep and I feel really uneasy about this transaction ) so I'm posting asking for advice.

    should I email her again or wait until she messages me back the tracking number and a confirmation that the package is in the mail or should I just ask her to cancel the whole transaction..sad thing though that I've already paid and would have to do a chargeback on my card...and i'm worried that if she really did send it out last night ( like she said she did ) and I do the chargeback...then I'd have to send back the item when it arrives to me and i'd really like the item.

    should i just wait it out ?
    i'm just worried considering all the weird scamming that's been going on lately and the fact that she happens to conveniently go out of town suddenly ???????? It just all sounds too familiar to all the problems that everyone here is having as welll and i'd hate to go through this right now considering that I swore off eBay last week but saw this item up and decided to bid since i wanted it so bad and thought...'i'll take a chance and hopefully not get scammed' and now BAM...i really hope everything turns out fine...

    but am i overreacting ? should i wait ? do a chargeback immediately ?

  2. Could you post a link to the auction so that we can look at the seller's info? That might make it easier to give you an answer.

    Hang in there!
  3. Uh-oh... this old story is becoming far too common. Honestly, why do sellers always seem to be available throughout the whole auction, then magically have to go out of town as soon as they receive the money?!

    To give her the benefit of the doubt, wait for one more day to see if she gives you a tracking number. Give her to the end of the next business day after she said she would provide it to you; an honest seller should be rushing to the post office the day after they get a prompt from you.

    Message her at night (give her a bit of time to get home a message you), but if nothing gives, then email her to ask where it is. If she does not respond, give her no more chances - email her to say that you are proceeding with a chargeback (get ready for a protest about how she is sick/didn't get to the post office etc). I think that if you just go ahead and proceed with the chargeback without giving her notice, she will come back saying that you gave her no warning, that you are a troublesome buyer and leave you a neg.

    See what happens - keep us updated!
  4. No need to post the auction info. Just file the chargeback and you can always cancel it. It's irresponsible of her to not keep you updated for 8 days!!
  5. The out of town line keeps cropping up. I would email her and tell her if it is not received within x days ( your choice) then you will be cancelling the transaction. That might speed things up a bit...
  6. okay, I sent a really harsh and rude email to the lady this morning demanding that she either send me the tracking number and a confirmation that the bag is in the mail or else I would file a chargeback immediately in the afternoon. Luckily I guess she really wanted the sale so I got an email 3 hours later saying that she's been extremely busy and such but that she would send me the tracking number....I was somewhat relieved because I'd much rather have open communication than her not even answering me so I waited and surely enough I got the tracking number I asked for...I checked with USPS and the package was dropped off today to the post office......almost 6 days later than she said she sent it off. I don't care though...at least I'm getting the bag!

    thanks all for the help but I was really starting to worry considering the whole mess with eBay these days....this is most definitely my LAST purchase on ebay...never again..I'd probably be just testing my luck from now on and this transaction was definitely a big warning to me.

    once again thanks for the all advice!
  7. Well, after the length of the transaction I hope you are out of the woods. Hopefully the package you receive has the item your ordered in the condition it was listed in.

    Keep us posted :smile:
  8. okay just a quick update!

    i've just received the bag!!! The seller has been completely and utterly horrible and yes I've left her a negative feedback for this transaction. As I've stated before that I made the purchase back in the beginning of February and was having a difficult time contacting the seller after the sale was made and I paid for the bag. I cannot seem to understand why sellers are always pleasant, nice, and accomdating before the sale however once you pay...they completely ditch and claim 'they've been sent to the hospital, are on vacation, or simply no longer have internet connection'! STOP ALREADY! Anyways for me she stated she was on a business trip and couldn't get to a computer and after trying to contact her for 4 days afterwards she finally responded after I threatened to do a chargeback. She finally sent out the bag after a week and I checked with USPS and yes the bag was dropped off. I felt relieved and thought the bag would get to me after a week however that was not the case. When I originally checked the tracking number it was registered that it was dropped off and checked in on the 18th of Feb. however when I checked up on the bag after a couple of days later...it was no longer registered. I was confused and scared at the same time so I got the phone number of the seller from ebay and left a message...i got no response. I called again the next day and left a second message however this time I spoke to the seller and told her that the package was no longer in the mail..and what was going on. She said, she had gone back to reclaim the package because she had made an error..i asked what happened and she said, ' that she forgot to send the dustbag along with the bag'. I said, okay well...'when will you be able to drop off the bag at the post office ?' she said the next day so i agreed and hang up. Well, I spent a good portion of 2 weeks trying to find out what happened to the bag and after zero communication from her and fighting off the urge to do a chargeback...THE BAG FINALLY ARRIVED TO ME! I'm upset at the fact that it took this long but the bag is better than I could've imagined and it's in the condition that was stated in the auction plus I received it at a fantastic price! So i cannot complain and yes i am amazed at my patience.
  9. Glad that all worked out. Some sellers do forget us once we pay but I am glad you love the bag. Enjoy...
  10. I'm glad it worked out for you too, but it's scary how easily it could go the other way ...
  11. What a long wait that was. Maybe she originally sent you a fake and then realized with all the back and forth you were going to make trouble and she went back and switched out with the authentic???That is one crazy, convoluted story. From the dates of your posts, it looks like you bought the bag Feb 10th and received it March 30th!! Wow. That is 7+ weeks, I have never heard of a seller taking that long to send something. I get antsy if it is not here in a week!! Hope you are satisfied with your purchase. Maybe you want to post the link so we can avoid this sluggish seller????:yahoo:
  12. YAY!! I'm so happy that it worked out for you in the end!
    I wonder though... she sent the bag, went back in a couple of days(the bag was still there!)and was able to re-claim it? wth? So the PO just happened to be holding on to the bag? lmao!! She's a card!
  13. i am happy that it works out for you at the end..

    the story always like.. when u started to panic .. next day. it is all sorted. the parcel is outside your door! haha

    anyway congra.. i hope it will work out the same on my current case.. I am trading a bag with a very good feedback member.. but.. the communication is getting very difficult as i only get reply every 2-3 days and .. same.. i am waiting for the tracking no.. not sure what is going on..

    good luck to myself.
  14. Glad it worked out! Bear in mind...not all sellers are dodgy, some (like this one) are just slack!
  15. I'm so happy for you, sunshine!! finally you received your bag!! I felt so sorry for what you had to go through, and yes, you have been very patient!! If that was me, I don't know what I could've done by now!! Prolly done a chargeback already and just return her the item!! That seller is so irresponsible!! Wait til she's on the receiving end next time!!:rant: