I don't know what to do now...

  1. I'm going to apologize in advance, as I know this will be a long winded story. Had my heart set on a grey reissue 226. I know way after the fact this was going to be hard to find. My SA, after looking for awhile, told me he had located one within Saks. I was thrilled and asked him to send it right away. (It happenned to be EGC day) I got the bag today, without a receipt, without my gift cards, without a box and THE BAG IS TOTALLY DAMAGED!! (A credit to my SA, he told me that the other SA said there was something wrong in the folds, but the manager said there wasn't) I though there would be a small scratch, but the entire outer flap is bent. They had already discounted the bag for me, as my SA told me the total previously. Now what to do? What should I change this for? WIll they even credit me back with no receipt? My SA is not in until Wed. so I have to sit and fester until then... Thanks for listening. Any advice would be appreciated!!
  2. i am so sorry and disappointed for you:sad:
    can you call and talk to the manager, just to inform him/her of the situation and how should you go about returning the damaged bag?
    why no receipt and no box?
    g/l and hang in there.....keep us posted, as well.
  3. oh i am sorry! Based on your description, i would send it back, what the use of being charged full price when the bag is damaged!?
  4. Send it back if you are totally unhappy!
  5. wow..call and ask for the manager and explain the situation.Post a pic too.....so we can see the damage...its not fixable?maybe they can discount it more and repair to it your liking?????
  6. That's just awful Ada, how disappointed you must be!

    You said there's no box included. Is it possible that the bag got damaged during transportation because it was not carefully packaged?

    I think you should call the manager immediately and don't wait till Wednesday.