I Dont Know What To Do- Help!

  1. I saw a very nice looking bag from ebay a while ago,which put in 'authenticate this'- it got the thumbs up but also a ?. the bag looked real but someone said they had already seen it up for auction? i decided to take a (costly) chance anyway and bought it. i then took it to the chanel boutique in selfridges on oxford st, london for an expert opinin. the s.a there told me the bag looked real, but the gold chain was "too gold" because they always use the same gold finish,:wtf: and now i dont know what to think. the seller told me she cant get hold of the original receipt. WHAT DO I DO? it cost me loads and now im gutted :sick: eBay: NEW AUTH CHANEL CC Black Leather Classic Bag Purse Tote (item 320027985244 end time Sep-16-06 09:16:32 PDT)
  2. My advice is to take it to another sales associate. The bag in those pictures looks completely authentic to me. That's just my humble opinion though.

    Can you take pictures of the bag you received? Is it definitely the same bag from the pictures in that auction?
  3. That was me who had seen it previously up for auction, and was questioning the bag. I so wish I had the PM's from the person asking me about it before it was sold the first time (BIN). I had to clean out my box. I can't look back at her other auctions because her feedback is private. However, lets think positive and take Smooths advise, and take it to another sales associate.
  4. If she could post pictures of the bag she received we could compare it to the auction.
  5. I just do an advanced search by seller and I get their completed auctions for the last 30 days.

    Maybe, just maybe they had a NPB in the first auction?

    I was trying to search for the winner of the first bag (auction ended 9/10/06) and I couldn't find any feedback.

    Anyway, I noticed that a lot of very reputable eBay sellers had purchased from this particular seller so it gives me some comfort.

    ETA: Maybe I can't find feedback from the original auction because her auctions are private? I just looked up completed auctions for about 10 of the winners that left them feedback and I couldn't find this seller on the list.:shrugs:
  6. that looks fine to me (i'm just learning though)! if her only problem was the hardware, it could easily have been the lighting. take it to another store/SA and compare it with an existing gold-hardwared bag. if there are any tonal discrepancies, you should easily be able to tell by comparison.
  7. btw the style code matches the bag, i think fakes tend to get that wrong (A01113 = small flap bag = 9" wide)
  8. Quote: Maybe, just maybe they had a NPB in the first auction?

    I was thinking that was a possibility, but I dont know why the background and pictures would be different. You would think she would just relist the original pics. Anyway, I could be totally wrong, but its just something to keep in mind.

    However, your right about other reputable sellers buying from her. I think the best bet is to get another opinion.

    I wanted to mention when I was originally PMed about the bag, I told our fellow PFer the bag was real. She PMed me back to say she lost the auction. That is why I was floored when I saw it reappear.
  9. I've looked at some of iris168's auctions before for Hermes, and they were real. I'd defintely get another opinion on the Chanel - to me it looks okay, other than the 2 lines of the stamp is closer together than I'd expect.
  10. thanks for all your replies. im really stuck i dont know what to do. its a pain to go to chanel again cos its in london and i would have to get a babysitter and so on.... (also my bf would kill me if he knew i was buying again!!). do you think i should question iris168 about the bag being previously shown? it is the same bag that was delivered to me as the one in the picture.is there different gold finishes iris168 seems to think so, but seemed a little reluctant to contavt her sa to dig out a receipt? oh no i knew this would happen to me!:cry: :throwup:
  11. ^^^^
    This is my opinion:

    I would contact Iris168 and tell her you noticed the same bag was sold with the same hologram. She will probably say the first buyer did not go thru with the bid (which may be true). But, I would want proof somehow that this statement is true.

    When you relist an item, it should show up in her MYEBAY as a relisted item. Maybe she could fax you something. I would ask for this very professionally, without accusing her. She should understand that Ebay is a very scary place and at least be willing to sent you some kind of proof.
  12. If you received the bag in the pictures from the auction I wouldn't be too worried. The bag in the pictures looks absolutely authentic to me.

    Like Michele said above, email the seller and ask her about the other auction.
  13. will do and il keep you posted! thanks for your help iv been so upset since i was told it was fake cos it cost quite a bit but i feel a bit better now:amuse: