I don't know what to do!! 8(

  1. Ok guys, some of you know that I've been having big problems with my fiance. Well tonight is the big one that is ending it all! 4 years WASTED!! :cursing: He doesn't know yet, but he'll know tom.

    My problem...
    I collect LV bags and he has bought me love beautiful ones (Mono Speedy 30 and Denim Baggy PM).

    Does anyone think I should sell them since they were from him, or just keep them? I love them to death, but I don't know what to do!

    I'm so SAD & confused right now I just need someone to talk to!!! :crybaby:

  2. Oh my honey.....keep the bags! It's not really 4 years wasted. I'm sure you have learned many things in this relationship that you will take with you in the future. This is a stepping stone to greater things for you. Stay strong...:heart: Hugs
  3. I am soo sorry to hear that ur relationship is ending...

    I think you should keep the bags... you obviously love them and want to keep them.... no matter who gave them to you they are your bags you know
  4. I'm sorry about your relationship. I hope you find happiness in what ever you decided to do.

    As for the bags, I say keep them. They are YOUR bags which I am assuming you love and use so you should keep them. If it becomes troublesome for you and you have a hard time using the bags because they remind you of him, then let them go and get something else with the money.

    Good luck.
  5. I hope you get through this hard time soon. It's not easy after 4 years. I wish you the best. As for the bags, keep them. Consider them nice memories. :smile:
  6. I would keep the bags. I get attached to bags ive had for a long time.
  7. Keep them!
  8. aw sorry to hear the bad news *hug*
    hope everything works out for the best..stay strong
  9. Big and tight hug. Hang in there friend. I know it's a confusing time right now, we all been there and emotions run high. We are here for you and vent all you want.

    Regarding the bags, keep them if you love them. I agree with savvyblonde about the 4 years not being wasted as you learned a lot from this relationship.

    Another big hug.
  10. I'm sorry about the ending of your relationship, although I wouldn't say that it's 4 years wasted.. you are wiser & more mature with more experience now.. It can be tough, I know, I was contemplating my 6 year relationship a few months ago.. Be Strong!!

    As for the bags, keep them if you love them!!
  11. I'm sorry..I know this must be really hard for you.

    But don't get rid of your bags!! Definitely keep them and if you ARE tempted to be reminded of anything, let them remind you of the good times you two had.
  12. Sorry you're feeling so down. I am sure after you've had some time to heal you'll realize that you're better off. I think you should give yourself some cooling off time before you sell. If you sell you'll get less money and won't be able to get the same bags for the amt. you get. The baggy is an especially expensive bag and it is soooo fab that it would suck to part with.

    To be honest, when I got divorced from my husband I kept all the bags, bling, etc. and still use them to this day (it was 6 years ago). I don't see or remember him when I look at them because he is sooooo distant and forgetful and life is better now.

    If you need to talk/ven t feel free to PM me. hang in there girl. Things will get better!!!!
  13. ^ ITA with the above. hope things get better soon for you..
  14. Keep your lovely LV and keep your head up ***HUG***
  15. sorry to hear about your relationship...I'm not quite sure what I would do, I think if it would be a painful reminder to have those bags I would get rid of 'em (and use the $$ to buy yourself new ones..even if they're the same)..otherwise I would keep 'em! hang in tight!!