I don't know what has gotten into me!

  1. I have never liked Balenciaga bags at all but ever since I saw the apple green one listed in the marketplace I can't stop obsessing about it! And it is way out of my price range! I've always wanted a Chanel Cambon & could never bring myself to spend the money on one. Now, I want to shell out $1000 on a bag I've never given a second thought about before...I don't know what is wrong w/ me! I am a poor college student! Not to mention I just spent $300 on my first LV (grafitti, I think I got a rockin deal) Someone talk some sense into me!!
  2. It's b-bag-itis! Only remedy: get a b-bag!

    j/k! Unless you can't resist. ;)
  3. I wasn't all that hot on b-bags until I saw Style101's ink City and then I HAD to have one. It arrived Friday and it is now officially my favorite bag. And I didn't even think I liked them! So I say if you can scrounge up the money (or sell another bag or two), buy the apple green and if you don't love it, you can always put it back on the Marketplace.

    Did that help you not want to buy it? LOL!
  4. I still just can't stop thinking about the apple green first...that is a month of waitress tips for me....should I take the plunge or will this obsession fade as I have never liked Balenciaga in the past...what should I do! (p.s. I saw an apple green twiggy on ebay I think might be real for around 800 but I still like the first better...) I need advice!
  5. If you can find it, buy it, i'm sure if you don't like it, you can take it back or sell it to someone here. I know i'd be into an apple green first.
  6. Ohhh, your gonna hate me:wondering Im the apple first seller:Push: Its in my avatar pic. I have had lots of PF ladies talk me out of selling it because they know how much I love it and it is so hard to find. Can we still be friends?:cry: lol! Look at it this way, I just save you over a grand right??:huh: :shame:
  7. Haha no worries! You did save me a lot of money! Enjoy it! But if you ever do decide to let it go....let me know! :love:
  8. I don't think the obsession fades. I didn't like them either when I first saw them at Barney's. I actually thought they were ugly. Now, I think they're beautiful. That's happened with men a few times too...
  9. You bet! Thanks for being so sweet;)
  10. Oh don't mention it at all! But now I can't help but think if I can buy one anywhere else....anyone....? :unsure:
  11. hey ya
    its okies!!! its seriously sounds you require a b-bag fix! i say, if you really want it, then save those pennies etc.... and get it! you only live once and after all i'm sure you'll be gutted if you see someone with THAT bag you want... i can totally relate with the money situation (im saving up for a big trip - fingerscrossed its gonna work out) just keep saving. Once you've saved enough then go ahead and treat yourself!
    i hope this helps in someway... good luck yhassan
  12. Is Barney's carrying men now?:lol:

    Seriously, I am totally in love with my new City after two years of saying b-bags weren't for me. If you can't find the apple green, start off with another color and keep watching for the one you want. I am trying to wait patiently for a dolma green to pop up on the WTS list!
  13. Haha I love you all! Ok I have now added this bag to the top of my list! I am now offically on the look out!
  14. I never liked them either and was 'never' interested in them until I came to this forum and kept seeing the pictures and hearing how wonderful these bags were. It peaked my interest and so I decided to get one. That was it. There isn't another bag like it. It is sexy, edgy, fun all in one bag. The different colors and styles are fun to pick from. Just a great bag! Good luck.
  15. You know, I didn't think I liked these either until I saw a Twiggy in person this weekend. Now I have to have one.