I don't know what happened...

  1. I was browsing at Holt's today and wondered if they had any new CLs. I am dying for a pair of VPs but they seldom have them. Well, I saw a similar pair - the bone Architeks, and I asked the SA if they had any black ones. Well, they just so happened to have one pair in my size! They weren't even on display! I didn't think my city was even getting these, so I grabbed them! Presenting my black and red Architeks! Sorry for the little pic, my place is a mess.
  2. They look great on you- CONGRATS!
  3. Thanks! I'm looking forward to wearing them out! CLs are still relatively rare in my city!
  4. The is one hot shoe...and your feet are very pretty...heheheh...lol. Congrats!
  5. Congrats, this is a stunning shoe! You wear them well!
  6. cool! Not in my area! My husband was at a big work dinner last night, and he said more than half of the women were sporting CLs!!! :nuts:
  7. Wow :drool: GREAT purchase! They look amazing on you.
  8. The Architeks look fantastic on you!
  9. Thanks everyone! They are a tiny bit wide but that just makes them more comfy! I got the little grip pads to prevent my feet from sliding forward. I'm looking for any excuse to wear them out!
  10. Congrats on your great find. They look great on you. I love that color combo for the Architeks. :drool:
  11. Congrats! I just fell in love with the Architeks too. The black/red combo is beautiful.
  12. Wow, they are gorgeous. Congrats!!
  13. Oh wow!! They fit you loike a glove! Congrats!!!
  14. Congrats! I did see them maybe a week ago at Holts the only size on display was a 39? I can't remember but now they only have the nudes left but the black ones definitely takes the cake!
  15. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Those are HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

    Which city do you live in--if you don't mind me asking? I'm in Edmonton--and I sure have not seen those pretties here! (YET, that is--mine are on the way!)