I don't know the style name

  1. I saw what seems to have been a popular bag, maybe from last years summer/fall season?? Its a large tote, with a thick strap and the 2 sides have holes in which the strap is held in with.
    It's hard to describe but I love this bag and would like to start looking for one, If I only knew the style name!!!!
  2. Is it the Carly? Here is a pic of mine.
    Ebay Pics 317.jpg Ebay Pics 275.jpg Ebay Pics 257.jpg
  3. no, it's about the same size as the large carly. Grrr this one is going to be difficult.
  4. Is it this style, the shoulder tote?
  5. Maybe the duffel? Dont worry we'll figure this out.

  6. I FOUND IT!!! but in signature anyone know the name??? [​IMG]
  7. shoot, maybe i need to post a picture lol [​IMG]
  8. [​IMG]
    here ya go:
  9. Cant see your pic.
  10. Ooh, cute. I dunno what it's called though...
  11. Yes,
    this is the Coach scarf print shoulder tote!
  12. Yep, the good ol' shoulder tote. I have a couple of them, they're great to toss on and I've found them very comfortable.
  13. oh thank you!!!! mission accomplished, well half way, I've got to find one to buy now.