I don't know (sad face)

  1. I don't know what to get in the Spiaggia print, I really don't prefer to repeat styles, & I swear I have almost every bag at this point (shock!) I need help & suggestions!!
  2. I think because of Spiaggia's beach theme, it would look really nice as a tote bag of some sort, like the Mama Mia or the BV.

    I ordered a Zucca, and unless I get a perfect print placement, I think i'm going to return/sell it and try for a Mama Mia.
  3. If you have almost every style and don't really like to repeat... Maybe the best thing would be to wait until it comes to your Macy's or Nordstrom or LeSportsac and look at all the Spiaggia. Scan the section and see which style really "pops" out at you, and maybe you should just go with that gut feeling? If you're in an area where stores don't carry it at all, then I don't know...