I don't know if this is posted...

  1. Some ladies already got them..I know Michelle got the white one.

  2. very nice
  3. I think the GM is a very nice size for the price. Larger than the pochette accessorie. For those that have the GM or the MM size, can you post pics as to what it can hold. Just wondering for those who has it if you use it by itself for running quick errands or use it within a bag?
  4. Very nice...those look quite practical.
  5. I'm really loving these. I'd like to get an MM.
  6. I love the look of this. I just recently bought a monogram multicolor wapity to store my digital camera in but now I'm thinking I like this one better bc its flatter. I'll have to do the dimensions to see if it will fit my camera. The MM that is...Any suggestions???
  7. I LOVE the MM. stupid purse ban...I have to wait for a loooong time.. loooooooooooooooooong time.. *sigh*
  8. It's cute but I really have no use for it lol.
  9. ^^^ Agreed ! :shame:
  10. I love it, but I really doub I'll buy it!
  11. I think they're very cute! just a pic steep for my price range though!
  12. The GM is HOT! :yahoo: I wonder if its too large as a makeup bag?
  13. Wow the GM is huge!!! I love the PM...it's so adorable!
  14. I like the GM. Anyone posted photos of how much it can carry inside it?