I don't know if this has been posted already but.....

  1. Keepall 50 and 55 w/strap will now be available in Damier!!!!! Not sure of pricing as of yet. Should be available around summer time.
  2. Yes, I heard that as well. They will be available around the same time that the Damier Speedy's are available - June/July 2006
  3. Oooo, I'm eager to see a Damier Keepall in the smallest size :love: ...
  4. Ooh...Keepall in Damier! Now that would be nice!
  5. Rose, how GREAT would a Damier Carryall be!!??!!:nuts:

  6. OMG! I think I just had a heart attack from all the possibilities! Damier, Keepall?? I think I'm in heaven!!!!! *sigh*
  7. Most damier luggages are very contemporary looking. I am not sure if I would like to see Keepalls in Damier. Hehe.

  8. Oh, gotta get a Keepall 50 in Damier!!

    I think Damier makes much better luggage, anyway, since it the ebony leather is treated and waterproof (and doesn't show dirt!)
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  9. Gee, thanks! Now I have to buy something else I can't afford!:biggrin: (But really, I would like a 55 :love: )
  10. Make sure you get the Bandouliere (Shoulder strap) ones if you are going to get the 55 and above. It gets VERY heavy and I am not kidding that if you have to drag your Keepalls on your arm/wrist walking from one end to another end in the airport, it's a not a pretty sight!