I don't know if I'm in LVOE with Khaki :-( *PICS*

  1. Oh man....I opened the box and my heart fell. I thought it was supposed to be green? Maybe they sent Terra Cotta?
    I don't know....hubby hates it.....says it looks like a shopping bag that you buy at tourist stands for $10. SIGH

    Here are pics....not sure what to do....

    On the bright side....it was Made in Italy...I've never had one of those before LOL

    Pics coming right now
  2. Ooh, cant wait for picutures, I bet it look gorgeous!
  3. I would return it. You're obviously not happy with it. I would get something longer lasting and of better quality. I agree with your husband.
  4. [​IMG]




  5. Well I called the store...and this is definetly Khaki! I gotta shower and then look at it again. *Sigh* This was my first time buying sight unseen....and it cost me $25 to overnight it...ugh.
  6. I Love It! Omg Keep It! Its Hot!
  7. Oh Honey I am sorry.... Take your shower..try it out and if you are not feeling it....return....I am sorry:crybaby:
  8. Plus the handle drop is not low at all....my arms will be rubbing against that LVOE symbol all the time. I'm not super skinny...but still...I'm totally depressed about this.
  9. OK shower time...and then I'll reassess!!

    Thanks Ghost!!!
  10. I am so sorry that you are not loving it. I know how much you were looking forward to this. I would exchange it for something else if you are unhappy.
  11. ROFL...DANG..U BEAT ME GIRL......I got mine..I dunno either....Not too impressive IRL...
  12. I think this bag is super cute but I am not sure it is worth the price
  13. It looks dark grey. Or is it just the lighting? Is this the MM? I'm sorry your not loving it.
  14. I'm not feeling this bag at all. I agree with your DH. It's a bit pricey for just this kind of bag. The size looks good on you, though. It's too bad you're not quite loving it as you wanted. Good luck with your decision.
  15. I like that bag!!!! :drool:

    Please keep it!!!

    [OT: I like the sign on your door. :p]