I don't know if I'm in love with my Iowa 100s...

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  1. After wearing them out once (so they aren't in pristine condition anymore) I feel that 1. the peeptoe hits my cuticle so it's ridiculously uncomfortable and 2. I'm not sure if I'm in love. What should I do?

    I got them at Nordstrom, and in the past, Nordstrom has always accepted my worn non-designer shoe returns (assuming I only wear it a couple times, not down to the ground obviously) with no problems (and I know the high ticket items usually get re-soled and sent to the rack). I have no idea what their policy is on worn DESIGNER shoes.

    Or should I just try to sell them on ebay? I got them for $190 so I don't want to lose too much money on them...
  2. You can probably get what you paid if you sell them on ebay .... I've never had any experience taking designer shoes back to Nordstrom so I'm unsure of their policy

    So sorry you arn't happy with them!
  3. I know how you feel. I ordered some simples and wasn't loving them because they were too high for me. Couldn't stop staring at them though...
  4. i thought Nordstroms had a no-questions-asked return policy. i'd certainly try that first. just tell them the truth about how they hurt your cuticle and how painful they are to wear. i'll bet you get a refund. (i hope, at least!)
  5. ^^ they do for the most part, but I think things are different on 'designer' items
  6. Does anyone thing I can get at least what I paid for on ebay? If that's the case I'd rather just sell on ebay so some Louboutin wearer can at least get a really good deal.
  7. Sorry, you're not perfectly happy with your Iowas - they are such beautiful shoes! You could try asking Nordies - it doesn't hurt since their customer service is famously nice.

    If they don't accept, you can always sell on Ebay. You might be able to get the price you paid for on ebay - Iowas are pretty popular. You can always set a high price and lower it the next time around if they don't sell.
  8. Have you tried to stretch the toebox/peep area yet? I would try that first before doing anything because at $190, they are a steal! As an addict, I would do anything to make cheap shoes work LOL
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    Go to Nordstrom, tell them you wore them once, and that they are uncomfortable. Ask if you can return them.

    They will say yes, I'm sure.

    I've done it before.

    Honesty works the best!

    And if they say no, then there is ebay.
  10. Those *are* a steal - I would buy them from you if I wore your size!

    ITA with tresjoliex.
  11. That's a shame, they are nice shoes...
    What size are they?
  12. That's too bad! I personally love the Iowa. :smile:

    I second stretching the toebox, or have you tried applying the thin heel liners right under the peeptoe?
  13. ^I don't think the thin liner would work.. it's more the exact placement of where the material ends sits RIGHT where my cuticle is and irritates it. If it was just a tiny bit higher or lower it'd be fine.
  14. I've used strappy strips in those areas to help w/ the discomfort. Nordstrom has a very lenient return policy, try what you can before making the final return :smile:
  15. ^ I was thinking that if you put the liner there, it'd pad it a bit so that the material is not so close to the skin? But I can see what you mean.

    If you do decide to sell it on eBay, you could definitely get back what you paid for it. I've seen it go for about $250-300 (I've been searching for a pair myself), and as long as it's not too worn, you most likely will not be taking a loss even after Ebay fees.