I dont know if anyone noticed this...

  1. Well that's pretty deceiving..seeing as how a lot of buyers don't read the whole auction lately, they probably think they're getting the bag too. :push:
  2. I know right?! I like how the seller also puts the bag in the pics! Usually when they sell the dustbag, they just take pics of the dustbag alone!
  3. Oh dear...that would be really bad if the person thought they won the Neverfull! I noticed someone asked the seller a question with the impression that the auction was for the bag. The seller clarified it was only for the dustbag. But yes, those pictures are very deceiving!
  4. Nah, I don't think it's too decieving myself, he/she keeps mentioning dustbag and even says its for a dustbag via the question near the bottom.
  5. The auction doesn't look deceiving at all, it is actually quite clear that it's only selling the dustbag!
  6. she is smart!

  7. I agree. :yes:
  8. I think it's pretty clear that it's for the dustbag BUT who in their right mind would pay money for a DUSTBAG?! I have just never heard of that. I can see if you needed one and spent maybe $10 but more than that is assinine.
  9. Well, maybe the bag was included in the pix to show the size of the dustbag as comparison? :shrugs:
  10. I think the auction makes it clear that its for a dustbag, doesn't seem shady to me. My husband actually saves dustbags for travel. I've sold a few purses and shoes on eBay without their dustbags, so my hubby can keep the dustbags. With that said, we've never purchased a dustbag on eBay or anything.
  11. i just think it is way over priced. u can get them for free from a LV boutique!
  12. Authentic Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM dustbag

    I would assume its only a dust bag.
  13. The only reason I'm saying it's deceiving (it isn't to ME because I read the auction fully), is because even on the eBay forum here, there's a whole discussion about how buyers do NOT read lately. From return policies to things that say "please ask all questions before bidding", buyers don't read.
    To relate a story, I once sold a dvd set, showed pictures of it open and the discs and described it as "watched once." After the buyer received it, she emailed me saying she was upset because she believed it was SEALED. Nowhere in my auction did I state that it was sealed. Then she left me a positive, however added "read auction, may not mean unopened!"
    That's just one example of how many buyers don't read things so I wouldn't be surprised if someone conveniently looked over the "dustbag" part, or thought that it meant that the dustbag is included.
  14. yeah a lot of people dont read auctions properly. it clearly states its just the dust bag, but ignorat people may be under the impression is for the purse?