I don't know how to call my handbag..

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  1. Hi! I don't post that much here in Louis Vuitton Forum but I wanted you guys to help me how my handbag is called? Thanks in advance!

  2. The line is officially called Monogram Vernis (patent leather) and the bag style is Thompson Street
  3. Isn't it the musette?
  4. i'm def sure its a thompson street... maybe wait until others can elaborate
  5. Yes, it is the Thompson
  6. I thought its the musette?
  7. Nope..
    100% sure its Thompson as i've just checked the LV catalogue
  8. Is this the noisette?
  9. it's the thompson street in noisette. i had this bag and sold it a couple of months ago.
  10. It wooould be the musette, if it was monogram, but since it's vernis it's the Thompson Street :smile:
  11. Thompson St. Love the bag :smile:
  12. It is the thompson and it is beautiful.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.