I don't know how I found this place...

  1. ("This place" being the Purse Forum)

    ...but I am so glad I did! I asked a question the other day, and no one made me feel dumb. Just the opposite! Your suggestions proved very helpful!

    I look forward to obsessing over bags with you all! :wlae:

  2. We are glad you found it and hope you learn many new things!!!! :flowers:
  3. We're very nice around here!! Glad you found the purse forum and welcome!
  4. You ARE very nice! It's refreshing! :smile:

    Thanks for welcoming me!
  5. I love it here!!! Be very careful....its addictive, and can become an expensive hobby!!! Its also a wonderful source of information about so many things. I have spent many hours on this place just having FUN!!!:yes: Enjoy!
  6. Welcome!! That's why I love tPF too, everyone is so friendly and helpful! I agree with Sunshine though, it's definatly addictive!
  7. I have your avatar hanging on my bedroom wall ;)

    Along with the London, New York, and Paris versions :smile:

    Welcome to tPF!!!! :biggrin:
  8. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Purse Forum!
  9. Welcome...:flowers:
  10. Hi Liya, and welcome! This is an amazing community! We are so blessed to have this place to meet and talk. Glad you found us!
  11. Welcome! Im pretty new here too but enjoying this site so much! My best friend told me about this site and I am so happy that she did! Enjoy!
  12. I know this place is awesome:wlae:, Welcome to the Purse Forum:welcome:
  13. Hi & Welcome...this place is SO addicting, but holds SO much valuable information!!! K~
  14. I'm glad I found this place too. It provides endless entertainment and support. Welcome!:drinks:
  15. Welcome, Liya! :welcome: :flowers:

    I found this forum completely by accident and after 5 months there is no turning back. It's a fabulous bunch and I hope you enjoy, enjoy, enjoy :yahoo: