i dont have a serial number?

  1. do they print them on the wallets (multiple) and ipod cases? im am 200% sure my lv are authentic cos i bought them from the store personally so no middleman whatsoever, so unless if they sell fakes in the store which they DON'T i can find a reason not to have one :sad2:
  2. Bonjour, you certainly have one but very very well hidden. Have a look again.
  3. ok ill have another go
  4. i still can find ont on my wallet, im going to have another check on my ipod case, i looked in all the possible areas :sad: would you or anoyone know where it can be?
  5. omg i found it on my ipod case yay BA0045 of it was made in france? in may of 05'?
  6. yeah - totally agree - serial numbers are well hidden! But i'm sure some of the LV pieces won't have any... i could be wrong.... good luck with your search!
  7. oh thank god i found my other one RA0055 im so happy no i was going into a frenzy thinking i was given counterfits at the store! i needed 30 minutes of searching and a torch to find it lol
  8. I had a same problem too..hehehe...but i found it.
  9. I love getting a new LV item and trying to locate the date code. It's thrilling! Yes, I know that's strange.
  10. ^^Thank you printmodel! :P
  11. ;) :biggrin: !
  12. don't worry... i did that too when i got my 1st lv from the store.. only the girls here at PF could calm me down :P

  13. Yeah, it's tricky how the date codes are in the seams. Anyways, glad to hear that your panic has been quelled.
  14. I had fun the other day trying to read the date code in my card holder, took me some time (and almost destroying the little thing LOL) but I managed to find it!! :nuts:
  15. cool thanks for sharing your stories and letting me know im not alone lol