I don't get the attraction to the fragrance prints...

  1. I think the collection is a bit, oh, I dunno -- maybe childish is the word? Bright pink writing all over your bag, or hat, or wristlet? I would think it strange if I saw anyone over the age of 20 carrying something like that. I was hoping it would be more sophisticated looking, I'm bummed. Does anyone know if they will be coming out with any other types of designs associated with the fragrance?
  2. I like the accessories like the framed coin purse because it's whimsical. And since turning 40, I carry what I like not what others think I should carry. No offense. Just that I spent 20 years of my life caring what others thought of what I was wearing or doing or looked like. I'm over that now! LOL! Anyway, it'd be fun if they make other prints and do them in the same accessories. I wouldn't mind owning a few of the framed coin purses, they are just so darn cute and useful!
  3. i think a little bit goes a LONG way in that print.
  4. I think you said it Kallison... the same with the patchwork. IMO. The mini skinny in the patchwork looks cute but in the tote, I'd pass. As an accessory these prints are cute but as a full size purse, it's over the top! And I must admit that I think I love the style of the framed wristlet/coin purse more than I necessarily like the print. I may change my mind and not want to spend so much on this particular accessory after all!
  5. yes, the shape of that coin purse is really great -- I hope they make more! (but...not with pink messy handwriting all over it ;)
  6. ^^ LOL! I agree. I wish they'd do a pretty pink one. You never know, they may do something else for summer! They may have gotten the hint that we like that style since the Legacy ones were sold out!
  7. I agree with the majority of opinions in that the perfume print (and the patchwork) are great in small doses. Those prints (in my opinion) have a very young feel to them and are great for accessories to add a little spice but not for a bag. Its just way too busy.
  8. I think the wristlet and the coin purse are cute (not that I will be purchasing them for myself). I agree that they look a little adolescent but then so do the Scribble items. I don't like the Scribble at all but then again, that's just my opinion and all about what I like for myself. I understand that everyone has their own taste and that's great too!:yes:.
  9. i want a small dose of that print, it's collectable! dude! first fragrance, first fragrance print. i want. it's too much on a big piece, but lil stuff like that PERFECT coin purse is just enough! wee!
  10. Im not a fan of it at all. But to each their own!! :smile:
  11. I didn't like it at first either, but the accessories are really really cute!! I would only use the smaller items though ...
  12. I love it in the framed wristlet coin purse but since I just bought the green legacy patent coin purse I can't justify another purchase. Otherwise I might just get that. And I am in my 30s
  13. I think the print is very cute for the small accessories and the ponytail scarf is cute too. I wouldn't carry the tote however, same goes for the patchwork. Small doses= consideration of purchase ;)