I don't get Justin Timberlake ..

  1. He is not cute. He has a weak voice. His songs are weak pop. He really is barely boy band material.

    He was just dancing like a girl.
  2. I guess the "not cute" part is matter of opinion. He's hot to me. and I love his singing
  3. I also do not think he is cute!!! I don't know enough about his music to comment on that...but I have never thought that he is "heartthrob" material!!
  4. I'd like to "get" him. I never liked him as a boy band member. But that boy has grown to be a quite the young man IMO.
  5. I think he's cute. I think he has a great pop song voice. He's definitely no Luther Vandross. I think he's absolutely boy band material, hence his success. I don't think he dances like a girl at all.
  6. I used to be crazy about him, but that was my teeny bopper stage...LOL. But I still think he is an attractive man, I also think he has a great voice, and I love the way he dances. But again its all preference, I can't stand Britney Spears (and not because they dated), but because I think she just has nothing to offer. But I know that she has many loyal fans.
  7. I liked him in N Sync..I like the music better now but don't like him so much anymore.
  8. i like him better now than during his boyband days... had i been a few years younger, i think i would've been obsessed with groups like N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, etc. i was in high school at the time and even my best friend loved them, but i just couldn't understand the obsession... i probably thought i was too mature or something at the time. lol

    but anyway, i like some of his music... he has some catchy songs, but i don't really care so much that i would buy the cd.
  9. i don't think he's that cute either and his singing does nothing for me.
  10. He writes his own music....He can dance his ass off......He can sing, you may not like the style he sings.....I think he's talented compared to others. And I think any man who can dance like that exudes sexiness!!
    He's supposedly really humble and funny too!!
  11. PS - Sexyback was one of my favorite songs this year!!
  12. aah...but you forgot the part about him having a damn good publicist and one of the best agents in the business.
    Its not about singing its about marketing...
  13. ^^^^ i like him but i agree with all of the above..lotta money invested there
  14. I agree that he isn't cute and doesn't look sexy, but he makes good and sexy music! And he seems confident what equals sexy to many people. :confused1:
  15. i personally think the best thing about him are some of his songs (not even really the singing)...and that's all timbaland's work!:p i LOVE timbaland, he's one talented guy:jammin: