I don't get it.....

  1. I'm just as big a fan of LV as the next girl/guy.....HOWEVER...what's up with the quality problems lately-maybe it's not lately....maybe it's been this way all along (but I've only read about all the problems here on this forum) So far I've read about bleeding linings (damier speedy), chipping brass hardware, monograms wearing off (MC and Groom), pilling (mini lin) and there's probably more but I can't remember them at this moment.....we all pay 100's and 1000's for these bags and accessories and it makes no sense to me. This hasn't happened to me yet, but some of you must be very :cursing: especially with these prices that keep going up up up....am I right? These bags should be immaculate!!Can't LV fix these problems with all the money they're making off us? :wtf: BTW, this won't stop me from buying...just trying to get everyone else's thoughts??
  2. I think these problems probably have always been around...it's just since we are so 'into' it, and discuss it so much, it gets a lot of attention.

    I do agree that they should take care of any problems that arise.
  3. Do you suppose any of it is this new thing where they are making the bags faster? More of an assembly line per the Wall Street Journal article? I know before, they were taking more time. Purportedly, this new system is to streamline things so there is more inventory available. I sure hope this isn't a trend! If it is, I'm going to go buy a couple monogram speedies before things get worse and just stockpile them!
  4. What does pilling mean?
  5. The production line article in the Wall St. Journal states that the new system enables workers to detect flaws earlier and that flaws can be fixed more easily. It also says that LV has high goals for further reduction of returns due to faults.

    It does sound like LV recognizes that there are some quality problems in certain lines and that this new production system is a step to reduce/eliminate them!

    Hope this helps!:happydance:

  6. Like when you wear a new sweater and after a while and the yarn isn't smooth and soft, there are little round 'pills' all over it...I don't know the best way to describe it. Well, I guess that same thing has been happening with the mini lin collection since it's made out of cloth material and not canvas. I beleive it's made from linen and some other materials.
  7. I've noticed a significant decrease in quality control. I think it's fine to have defects as everything has defects but what bothers me is the inconsistent way LV has handled these problems. For instance, depending on which store, or who you are with at the time, or the SA, or the mood of the particular SA on that day, or how big of a "fight" you put up, how "im not going to take any crap from you" you appear or who knows... the weather even.... you can either get the problem taken care of in a satisfactory pain free manner... ie you walk in and they take note of the problem/defect, apologize, and let you exchange the item.... OR they can hassle you and say oh its not a "known defect" and make you send it in to check which takes about 2 months and then you have to chase them about it to get updates and at this point you may not even get a replacement. They could even say... its normal wear and tear when it is obviously not and you are then stuck with the faulty item. Its just too much stress and hassle and wondering for the entire 2 months. You never know how their going to handle it. The customer service is too inconsisent. I wish LV would be more like Nordstroms as I have 100% confidence that Nordstrom would take care of any problem you have with their merchandise in a satisfactory manner. With LV, im not so confident and maybe I'm stupid for contiuning to purchase LV but I must say.. it has slowed me down a GOOD amount. I am hesitant to buy the $500-600 wallets or damier speedies as I am not confident that if a problem arises with the product that LV will take care of it. Just my 2 cents.
  8. I don't htink any bag or luxury item will last the true smashing and bashing of everyday life. Like....Hermes.... you pay so much but that doesn't guarantee you that it's indestructable. I take care of my bags fairly well, and so far I've had no problems with any of my bags. And even if I do say eg. a stain, or pen mark on my new Onatah GM Cuir....well it's my own fault and I never blame LV. So I think MOST (not all...so don't attack me!) of these "problems" are not really LV's fault, rather the customer's own, and I don't think we should expect them to last forever.
  9. Well, I definitely wouldn't blame lv for a pen mark I made or a stain, but I do expect defects to be taken care of. There will always be defects, but it's how you handle them that matters. So far I have always received excellent service from lv. From what I've read here on the forum, some people are not getting good service at all. I think that's the main beef with lv. We'll see how it all shakes out, but if they're smart, they will take care of things professionally.
  10. My SA told me that the Leopard on the new bags is falling off... but all are being replaced if it happens he said.
  11. Oh geez.....that sucks:wtf:
  12. I do wonder a bit about the quality control... I began to have problems a year ago with my white MC with a bleeding alcantra onto the white causing it to turn pink, and it took my local LV over a month to decide how to deal with the problem, and now the bleeding Damier lining (mine does this a bit, but not enough for me to exchange).

    Overall I do find LV very durable, but I wonder if their quality control is slipping now that it's being more mass-made... one of the reasons my eyes are wandering elsewhere ;)
  13. I do see what you mean about the problems about the lining and few others...but overall...I think that LV stands behind their product and will resolve the issue....

    Compared to others, I still think that LV holds the best value...but it does seems like they are having issues...especially with the Damier lining...I think its weird to have a lining that stains...especailly in Red!!! :s